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Recent death of mother has left foreign stepchildren abandoned

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    KareninLC: what a 'wonderful' and ethically challenged individual that attorney was who encouraged a phony B2 application...just goes to show that they are only interested in the money...take a look at that silly article by Kenneth somebody or other, an immigration attorney who whines because the visa fraud that many of his clients likely perpetrated was discovered and he doesn't like the fact that they were refused, possibly costing this noble clown money...avoid listening to these charlatans, who are after the cash and nothing else....
    as to the current marriage, the real issue (so it sounds) may be the disconnect of who had custody of said children when the original parents divorced and remarried,..something I do not have sufficient knowledge and experience to provide a meaningful please try to find an ethical immigration attorney (good luck!!!) to help sort this out...but tourist visas, etc, are really not in the picture without committing fraud..something that particular attorney no doubt has considerable experience with!!


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      There are no options other than the immigrant visa method. No quick solutions, etc.

      The real question is why did you not petition for the children when you petitioned for their mother?


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        I think this gap between her marriage and the custody of the children at the time may impede the quick immigration process...


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          Hi everyone...
          Just a quick update on my case.

          5/16 USCIS received I-130s
          6/23 - Petitioned expedite assistance from my senator
          6/29 - USCIS approved expedite request
          6/30 - RFE sent due to a misinterpretation of dates (DD/MM instead of MM/DD)
          7/1 - Senator's office helps resolve RFE issue and RFE is revoked
          7/6 - USCIS approval of I-130s
          7/8 - NVC receives I-130s
          7/12 - Embassy approval for expedited interviews contingent upon timely receipt of DS-230s, I-864s

          Visa interviews anticipated to take place the last week of July.

          I do have one question - I am sending my original civil documents with the DS-230s. Will I need to send three sets of originals, one for each petition? Will only one set of originals suffice?

          Thanks for all the advice back in April and thanks in advance for any suggestions you may have now.

          Best Regards,


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