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Bailsbond and my "legal" chance to stay!?

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  • Bailsbond and my "legal" chance to stay!?

    I came to the U.S in 1994 on a 6 months visa which I overstayed my visa and got married to a U>S Citizen in July 2000, we went for the first interview and I got my Permanent Residency Card shortly there after, the card was good until March 2002, in Nov 2001, the INS officers came to check out our marrige, since they had gotten a tip that it was a "marrige sham", we didn't live together at the time and the only way out of it for my wife was for her to sign a piece of paper telling them that it was a faked marrige, because we both are ***, INS insured that nothing else would come out of it and everything went on as usual, she did divorce me though, I stayed and worked as usual until Dec 26th, 2006, when I was greated by 2 INS officers in my building where I live, they handcuffed me, took me away to book me and I was charged under Section 237 (a) (1) (B), Section 237 (a) (1) (G) (ii), Section 216 or 216A . The officer that booked me set a bond of $15,000 right away, I was blessed enough that my sister that lives back home in Europe was able to get a 2nd Mortgage on her house so I could be bailed out. My sister sent all of the money with western Union and then a friend of mine got the money here and went and paid it by Money Order and I was bailed outon a "Delivery Bond. I had my first court hearing at the end of Jan 2007, I appeared and I asked for a continuence since I had not been able to find a lawyer to help me, (totally broke!), and at the hearing I was told by the INS defense attorney that some of the charges against me had been "stricken", (all of the Section 237 charges) so I am only charged with the fact that my Conditional Residence Status was terminated on Jan 9, 2004. And I got a continuence for 7 months. I was so happy! But in Feb I was in and out of the hospital and was diagnosed with tumors in my whole stomach, my relationship ended as well, and since I don't work I can't support myself anymore. So I went back to the Immigration Judge and begged for a date so I can go home and leave America even though I really don't want to, got a courtdate on April 10th and I am planning to ask for "Voluntary Departure" which makes me so sad since I have always been fighting for what I beleive is right! What other options do I have? BUT my main concern is that my "friend" that bailed me out with my sisters money has told me that he will keep the $15,000 that was posted to bail me out, since I will already be long gone and not able to track him down once I leave the country. I feel really bad for my siater for loosing the money and would do ANYTHING for her to get it back. Is there ANYTHING I can do about it while I am still in this country? I mean I have all of the Receipts of the money Orders that proofs that SHE did send him the money and I have the original bond papers from the Immigration Office shows proof that I was bailed out and it has the Money Orders # ETC ETC. Is there anyway he can sign over it to someone else, like my Embassy or so? or can I write a contract and have him sign it? Or is it too late for me to ask for my bond to be lowered? (maybe I can save my sister some money) Please if YOU have any advice whatsoever, let me know, if not for me, I am thinking about my sister and her kids that helped me while I was in a real need!
    And in a matter to my "Immigration Status" and being here illegally and not knowing, what would be the best advice for me to do now? If I really want to stay here and hopefully one day experience "The American Dream"!
    Thanx all!

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    your post is really hard to read!!

    How can u stay in the country if u need medical aid. its not going to be possible is it.

    The money, wont it be given back to u on departure? I am going to be following this post because its a totally new one on me and am interested in peoples advice.

    sorry to hear about ur dilemma. Although, you havent really been totally kosher with the immigration in your whole stay here have u? I know u cant cry over spilt milk but I just think a lot of this could have been avoided.


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      Thanx for Your reply!
      Nothing is impossible, I can get medical help here, it's just a slap in the face that it happened after I was so excited to leave court in Jan and get 7 months for my Master Hearing to prepare and I was really working on it and even got some really good help from my Congressmen in my state that offered me advice and refered me to some of their lawyers that was hopefully gonna help me, some how, and in this time and era there are so many things that is happening with Immigration Reforms and so on, hopefully I would or will have a chance as well. I left my country b/c I am *** and at the time with my "marrige" ofcourse anyone would have taken the chance, if that was the only one available at the time! But I think that EVERYBODY should have the same rights, ***,srtaight, black, yellow or whatever, and this country is suppose to be the best country in the world but there is still way to much discrimination and that is my point! It's not right!
      I think that EVERYBODY should be able to live wherever they want AS LONG AS THEY DO NOT USE THE SOCIAL BENIFITS that are meant for the citizens of that country! If I can take care of my self, work, pay taxes and not commit any crime and we only have 1 life to live BUT b/c I happen to be ***, I am not worth any happiness? We can't help who we are and who we fall in love with, if we could be a little bit more openminded and not judging other people that are happy, I think that all the hate, war in the world would slowely disappear! It's ignorance and people are afraid to open up their minds! And I grew up with people that hated me b/c of my sexual orientation, but I have been on my own since I was 15 years old and worked and never asked for a handout, except my sister that payed my bond and I feel terrible, I am used to give away whatever I can to help people less fortune then me! Yes, I do admit that I broke the law but HOW COME THAT THEY DISSMISSED THOSE CHARGES IN COURT? Why even bother me and specially 5 years later, it has ruined me and I also lost my partner after 4 happy years together since he couldn't deal with the INS issue first and then me getting sick, isn't that when U really help someone in need instead of running away?
      And in regards to the bond, since he posted the bond, he is the one that has to come and pick it up when it will be released, which usually happen after I have been granted Voluntary Departure, left the country, gone to the American Embassy in my country to show that I am not any longer in the U.S and then they fill out a form and send back to the INS and then it normally takes a few month for him to get a letter in the mail that I have complied with all the laws and they give it to him! U dont get your money back when U leave, since I was in jail I couldn't bail myself out, someone had to do it for me and I told my sister that I trusted him since I spent the past 4 years with him! So on the Bailbonds papers it says that he is the one that has to go and pick it up! And that is not right to steal from someone else? But I guess I can't do anything about it!
      U also said that alot of this could be avoided, if You have any suggestions please tell me!
      Hope to hear from You!
      Take Care!


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        First of all, your marriage was a sham - you admitted it in your post. From what I gather, you don't want a 'wife', even with the words *** out. Nothing against you on this either - illegal is what pushes my button, not sexual orientation! I don't know alot about bond, but I thought if you satisfied the conditions (show up in court, obey the court orders), the bond is forgiven? Your 'friend' has no entitlement to that money. I understand you don't have sufficient finances to hire an attorney, but there have to be other options for you - that money belongs to your sister. Try to find an attorney who'll give you a free consultation while you're still here.

        I don't condone what you did, but think it's worse what your so-called friend is doing to you - kicking you when you're down.


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          He was my life partner for 4 years and we have also shared the same place for 4 years!! and Western union was the fastest way to get the money to the United States!


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            rights? rights? You LIED to our embassy when you cheated your way to a tourist LIED to our immigration folks when you said you were arriving for a 'short visit'..then you stayed without permission, no doubt worked illegally,found some moron to marry and now you are whining about rights? Sorry $hithead, but no one that is not an American citizen nor legal permanent resident has the RIGHT to live in the US of A....think again, visa get the eff out of MY country...


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              It's not even worth to comment on!


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                what's the matter? No courage to face the truth, dip$hit? You are nothing but a lying visa cheat....rights, my behind....whine whine whine ....that's all irresponsible $hitbag illegals like you do......


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                  Why should anybody care about the OP or his family when he acted with complete disregard for the interests of countless of families who will now be exposed to more intrusive scrutiny, violations of privacy and unfair presumptions directly designed in an attempt to catch the very same conduct the OP so willfully promoted?

                  You reap what you sow.


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                    Get the hell out of the US!!!
                    to Rambo and every damm illegal alien in the U.S. GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE!!! Your own countries are supposed to support you, THEY have an OBLIGATION with you, not us, when will you get it thru your sick skulls. We have MILLIONS of people who SHOULD


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