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could i get denied naturalization?

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  • could i get denied naturalization?

    I have been arrested a few times. mostly for traffic citations. also i have been tried for some class a misdemeanors (family violence). I have never been convicted of a crime, not counting traffic violations(driving w/o license, no insurance). I'm going to be ma rried in a few months to an american. what do you think? am i screwed?

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    I have been arrested a few times. mostly for traffic citations. also i have been tried for some class a misdemeanors (family violence). I have never been convicted of a crime, not counting traffic violations(driving w/o license, no insurance). I'm going to be ma rried in a few months to an american. what do you think? am i screwed?


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      no but you are a dirtbag


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        To be Naturalized you must meet a higher criteria of "Good Moral Character", and you should consult with Immigration Attorney if you want to get more accurate answer to your question (whether or not you will qualify for USC under current Law).

        The requirement is somewhat different (and lower) when you apply for LPR.

        Also, keep in mind: pending in Senate legislation will, if passed into Law, change the eligibility requirements for LPR and USC applicants.


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          Michael, who are you to call others names? I was never convicted...dirty *******


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            You drove without a license and no insurance; that qualifies you as a dirtbag; of course being a dirtbag you can't see that; let me explain it to you this way; what if you injured someone in an accident? That person would have no way to pay for their medical bills and you would be unable to pay them. Sleazeball.


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              no wonder new yorkers are often referred to as rude and obnoxious people. I came here to get help instead i got some holier than thou bs. on a motorcycle i would be lucky to survive a crash and if i did by chance injure someone, (you already made your mind up) but i am everything but penniless. oh and mr.michael aka i cant keep my wife happy, keep your comments to yourself or find something better to do other than be a pinche mamon. my ejaculation has better character than you sorry.


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                What if you ran over a little 10 year old girl? How would that make you feel? Of course you wouldn't feel anything you lowlife.


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                  liten here, less-than-ejaculate, no little girls walk on the hwy, and if they did, tough luck as pedestrians have no right of way or shouldnt even be on the hwy. meanwhile, i wish i could have run you over when you were 10. 2400+ post and you call me lowlife. wow you really got your hands full dont you. quit wasting my time osama bin screwin your momma. eat poo and go back to your crypt.


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                    Most traffic violations are regulatory offenses and are not CIMT's (Matter of Abreu). Driving without a license, uninsured driving and simple DUI are not CIMT's as they lack the required intent constructed as an element of the offense. Consult with an attorney if you have questions, this is not legal advice.


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                      thanks 4 being helpful. i will go over it with my attys. houston and antifascist1 internet needs more people like you.


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                        How will you feel if a guest in your house pee in the kitchen sink? In addition, he does a no 2 on your bed instead of the bathroom?

                        These issues are relevant to your case and will explain to you how. So, respond to my posting.


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                          prof, im sure that a pile of steaming poo in my sink has nothing to do with immigration at all, but go ahead.


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                            The moral of these questions is this: If you come to Uncle Sam as an immigrant, you are a guest of this country. As such, you are under a high level of scrutiny from all corners of this country to behave yourself and conduct yourself within the law of this country. So, the same goes for your guest, if he guest pees in your sink, then has already violated the basic tenents of your household, which is to use the bathroom to pee and drop a load of Michael.

                            Once you made a decision to engage in violence, you broke the law. In most states, such crimes are taken seriously and are deportable by the USCIS. So, I will tell you that you got off the hook. As much as I loathe Michael, I see him as an Satan, a nut and a buttman for Tom Tancredo the bigot... He has critical points on his hypothetical situation of you killing someone because you didn't have proper documentation. Pabloo.. Would you appreciate it if someone broke into your car and drove it Canada without your permission? This is the same for the states, you are given the permission to operate a vehicle with the State's permission which comes in the form of driver's license. By driving without DL = someone breaking into your car. Car=state

                            So, while these crimes would be given less scrutiny by the immigration officials, if your case lands on the desk of a nutty officer, you may be in for some hard time with the approval of your petition. For now, I will strongly recommend that you organize all your documents which proof that you paid your dues to soceity and you are cleared. Moreover, cut the B.U.L.L by behaving and obeying the laws of this country... or you will be on one of the free flights out of here forever. Remember that some crimes render you inadmissiable forever in the US.

                            Congratulations on your marriage, and I hope you don't beat the devil out of your future wife. If you do, be rest assured that you are gone for good. I will personally come to kick you in the B.A.L.L.S and remove them, as you are making this institution of manhood a sham and insignificant. I hate and have no respect for little sissy men who bully women. It is the lowest form of manhood, so you are warned...

                            Behave and enjoy the wife of your youth...


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                              No crime is taken lightly by immigration officials, but the conduct as defined by the statute simply do not amount to moral turpitude. When it comes to CIMT's moral turpitude can be established by the requirement of an "evil or vile" intent or an intent to defraud when it comes to crimes against property or government. Crimes of violence require the use or potential use of "intentional violence" noting that the "criminal neglect" qualifies to establish such intent.
                              Making a "decision to engage in violence" is not per-se breaking the law. Breaking the law is the use of "violence" for an unlawful purpose. The principle of self-defense involves the use of violence and it is legal, but extending that violence to unreasonable levels to "exact justice by one's hand" is unlawful and therefore a crime of violence.
                              Again, all crimes are subject to the very same level of scrutiny but some are simply not considered CIMT.
                              If you have questions you must seek legal representation, this is not legal advice.


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