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Illegal immigrant marriage to US citizen

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    or another thing you can do erin is to get married now civilly, in that way you can start the paper works and he can have a ss#, and work permit, get a decent job, have a joint account and save your money for a big church wedding in 2007. in that way you are getting to know each other more before the babies a lot of money, you will need it for the lawyers fee in the years to come.


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      Hi again. I really appreciate all of the advice you all have given me.


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        i too have the same problem. I am in love with an illegal immigrant from mexico. Im pregnant by him and he takes really good care of us. he works and makes 500.00 a week. he has been in the united states for 15 years and has not returned to mexico since, but we want to go next year but we were planning on getting married before we went, so, my question is.. should we wait and get married in mexico and file a K-3.. will that make him legal in the US? at least a legal immigrant?? please anyone that can help!!! email if u need to.. thank you so much your time is greatly appreciated!


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          Ashley...I don't think we can email you through the site you would have to leave your email address on the screen.

          Go to you'll find plenty of help there. There are many people in the same situation. Good luck to you!


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            Erin, can you tell me the advice you received from mechemax. Our situations are somewhat similar. My husband of 14 years is out of status. His parents brought him to the US at the age of 2 and somehow he slipped through the cracks and never adjusted to permanent resident. He's now 34 years old and is trying to straighten out his documents. All his family members are either LPRs or Naturalized US Citizens. We have been working with a lawyer on this but things aren't looking very good. It's been a 4 year battle for us so any information that could potentially help my husband's case is appreciated. Thanks.


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              I assume he comes with a valid visa (which I would assume since his other family members are now either LPR or USCs), if thats the case should be a pretty straight forward case. Why didn'the took advantage of the 1986 pardon as well as the LIFE Act though??
              If he's here illegally, then it'll be much more complicated. I'm not that familiar with the age-out regulations, but if those aren't applicable/won't work, there's always the I-601 route.


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                Trust, I attempted to e-mail mechemax 2 times and both times it was a failed delivery. I don't know if he put the wrong e-mail or what happened. I am sorry.


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                  After you get married in your husband's country (mexico) how do you get back in? Do you just walk up to immigration people at the border and tell them that's your husband?


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                    I would really appreciate your help on this. It is very important to me and need this info as soon as possible.


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                      Areli, no. If you marry him in his country you would need to file the I-130 and could file the I-129f at the same time, although they are often processing the I-130's as quickly these days. Filing both is called filing for K-3. It involves forms, fees, medical, other things and an interview. The best thing to do is look at and they have "sticky's" for various situations as well as their forum is divided by category. You will easily find the help that you need there.


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                        just so you know, if he is here in the US now and leaves, he cannnot come back untill all paperwork is done. if he comes here twice illegally, he will be banned for the 10 years and not be able to file the 1601.


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                          My boyfriend and I want to get married. but we wanted to wait a year or two to do so. I have a child already and in order for us to get married and move to Ecuador with my child, he has to adopt him in order to override the rights of the legal father. Don't worry the father is not a "real" father. However the adoption can be nullified if our marriage is not legal. If we have a civil marriage here, will it be considered illegal and thus nullify the adoption and the family we are trying to create?


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                            Newtothis: No.. Your marriage is not Illegal. Once you are married in the eyes of all federal, state laws you are married and thus your adoption cannot be nullified. Now as far as Immigration is concerened the marriage could be considered " fraud " ( Illegal) But Immigration cannot overide a civil adoption. I 'am going thru a VERY similar situation. My husband is from Guatemala. I have a 5 year old child that he is adopting and have allready started the process. Immigration does NOT have jurisdiction to overide a civil adoption. ( You need to understand that Immigration is a seperate agency than LOCAL jurisdictions like a state court that does marriage and adoptions ) We also have a 1 year old together and now are wanting to start the Immigration process but like you, we would have to go to Guatemala to begin and thats a very scary thought. I'm 22 years old and have ALOT to give up by doing that. I have had my job 4 years, I own my house and a brand new truck. Its pretty scary to think that I could give this all up for love. But that scary feeling is the BEST feeling in the world because I'am doing it for LOVE and to give it all up means nothing to me if I am with him. Dont worry give your all to god and let him hold your destiny in his hands and he will take care of the rest and either way everything will work out! Good luck


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                              hi Dear ! could you please help me how to report an illegal immigrant marriage in Chicago.
                              we're vietnamese,we came to USA since 2004. we didn't study anymore so we couldn't write English too well.So i hope you guys can help us.
                              i would like to report a woman, she is from Viet Nam. she's 30 ages,she isn't pretty, she isn't cute, she is just ok. she is my cousin ' ex-gf.Her family is our remembership when we were still in Vn,that why we helped her.They broke up before ,my cousin has gf too,she is poland, our family wanted to help her family because we have been friend since we were in viet nam before we came USA.she came here by international student visa and then she got married with my cousin,she didn't study anthing.she hang out late and have *** with alot of people who she knew at Bar or club.sometime she brought her man to our house,in her private room,they paid 20.000 for my cousin to help her with an marriage fraud.she worked at nails salon in southside chicago, she is dating with her customer,he is an black guy, she told to her bf about that, she moved out of our house to stay with his bf,the time is not done, but she doesn't care about the visa,and green card, she lives so bad.she told to anyone who she knew at work about her marriage fraud.our family was scare of that aunt tried to addvise but she didn't care and she told my aunt that she will do what she wants because of marriage fraud,my cousin and his bf was fighted about that, the black guy want to get some money form us,my cousin doesn't speak or writing English so well beacuse we came here when we were old and he worked at factory all the time ,one day before, she came back our house with her bf and they had *** at our house, my cousin came back home and didn't allow her did the things at our house,that is not good, she can do it at the other places or in hotel but not our house,because we have 2 little sister at home,her bf gone,my cousin beat her,she call polish,now my cousin is still in jail.she took all money the bank,that is my cousin's money,she said that she took them because she has *** with my cousin before, so he couldn't take her money,now we dont know how to do,we want to report her,because my cousin don't want to keep going like this,he is in jail right now,so he doesn't care anything how to report ber by english letter or phone to uscis,NVC.we are worker,we aren't rich enought to ask lawer.please help us.thanks alot.


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                                Under the current US Immigration Law, if one has entered US illegally without any visa, there is no way for him to get legal, not even marriage to US Citizen will change that. So you cannot get him green card no matter what. He will be deported and most likely barred from entering or even applying visa to US for at least 10 years, not if lifetime ban.
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