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  • student needs driver licence

    if i as a student am old enough to drive but have no driver licence nor do i have a valid social security number. in missouri can i get a drivers licence? is ss number that goes on driver licence used in any way by licence bureau to track down undocumented people?

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    if i as a student am old enough to drive but have no driver licence nor do i have a valid social security number. in missouri can i get a drivers licence? is ss number that goes on driver licence used in any way by licence bureau to track down undocumented people?


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      Are you in legal status? if not, you cannot get a driver's license. If you are currently in f-1 or J-1 status, you can get SSN and driver's license.


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        You can get a driver's license in Oregon, even if you have no social security number. There are a few states where undocumented aliens can get them.
        Have a nice day


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          Great, Gluhbirne--unless he lives in Oregon, you've just told him to commit yet another crime. Unless Oregon does it differently, it only issues driver's licenses to state residents, and requires you to show proof of residency. If he lies about his state residency, he commits fraud.


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            I checked--Oregon does require proof of a state address.


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              I simply stated a fact, Aliba. I did not advise anybody to break the law. If I wanted to encourage law breaking, I would advise people to just drive without a license.

              If I didn't care about the law, then I wouldn't be spending my energy, time, and money to fix my husband's immigrations situation. I wouldn't be spending so much time hanging around this board trying to glean what little bits and pieces of information I could while putting up with people like you. We could get by for years without him ever getting caught, yet we have opened up the can of worms has and will continue to be a thorn in our sides for years. Why? So that he can be "within the law." Twist it however you want. You don't have to forgive people. You have a right to hold as many grudges as you want, it's your life, not mine. You DON'T have a right, however, to criticize people for trying to make things right!!
              Have a nice day


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                If you just stated a fact, then you were pretty **** incomplete about it, and should have warned him of the consequences. Since the guy may have entered legally (as a student?), he may actually have a shot at adjusting status in the future. All illegals are not created equal, remember? Start committing identity fraud, and he really complicates matters.


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                  In the state of Utah, people that are not eligible for a SSN can get a driver's license with the Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) that the IRS issues.


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                    Except that the IRS is now issuing ITINs only to those who file federal taxes because the number's been misused. If he doesn't have an ITIN, then he'll have to file taxes to get one. The same caveat about committing fraud by claiming to be a state resident when you're not holds.


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                      realy? so if you get your license suspended -- you can grab some ITIN in some made-up name, run to the DMV and get a new license? cool!!

                      -= nav =-


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                        Gluhbirne--You could have gotten by for years without him getting caught, but it's not a very comfortable life, is it? You are not being self-sacrificing or noble, or particularly law-abiding. You're only following the rules now because it suits you, and if for some reason, you ran into problems with him coming back legally, I wouldn't take bets on how long it would be before you found a way to bring him illegally.

                        This poster has already committed an illegal act, intentionally or not. It's hard to tell from his post how old he is, but he may well be below 18. The more illegal acts he commits, the harder it will be for him in the future. My state just authorized police to enforce immigration law, and several other localities are as well. Are you going to marry him, and rescue him as well?


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                          Hey Gluhbirne, Telling somebody where he/she can obtain a DL legally is perfectly OK. Don't listen to Aliba, as he or she is obviously a bit whacked.


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                            Except that in Oregon, someone who lives in Missouri (as the poster said he did) cannot obtain an Oregon driver's license legally. In fact, it used to be possible for illegal aliens to get driver's licenses legally in Virginia, but they were supposed to be Virginia residents. Several of those involved in 9/11 got illegal aliens to attest that they were Virginia residents even though they weren't. Lying about residency is FRAUD.


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                              Aliba, if you would have payed any attention to my hundreds of posts, other than looking for things to criticize, you would know that my husband hasn't run into any problems "coming back." He never left.
                              Matter of fact, he is next to me eating a pear right now!! He has had NO run-ins with immigration, nor has he had any run-ins with law enforcement, period. You are so sure that the motivations of others are always greedy and self-serving. Why? What makes you so sure? The only thing that could make you think that way is your own personality!! Since everything YOU do is for a self-serving purpose, you automatically assume that others are the same!! Why do YOU file your taxes? Is it because you are so noble and willing to support your government? LOL I'm not going to believe that. Why don't you want illegals to be able to get greencards? Is it because you care about the law that much? No, I'm not naive enough to believe that. You want illegal immigrants to be punished, deported, etc. for your own personal GAIN. You believe that your life will be of a higher quality if the illegals are expelled and you most likely FEAR that things will be worse for you if they are allowed to become legal.

                              LOL You complain so much about immigrants breaking the law, but when they try to obey it, you even try to twist that into something wrong. Would you say a drug addict shouldn't go to rehab, because he's trying to get rid of his addiction, which is a "self-serving" purpose?
                              It doesn't matter with you, does it? It doesn't matter what an "illegal alien" does, he'll always be doing something wrong. Even if he goes back to his country and gets legal, he's still somehow worthy of blame.

                              By the way, I wouldn't pay to get my husband here illegaly. I have been offered the opportunity to purchase a "real" greencard and social security number for my husband. Two years ago it was brought to my attention by someone who I know was very reliable, that it was possible to obtain a "real" greencard for the right price. This person was a well-meaning, religious woman who took a personal like into my husband. We weren't yet married at the time. She didn't know anything about immigration, but somehow felt a "call" to help us. She did all kinds of research and discovered that there wasn't really any way that he could get a greencard, so she began to ask around and eventually found someone who knew the channels. I guess there are people in the USCIS (back then it was still called INS) who can be bribed. She called me and was very exited and I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I think she was so caught up in helping my husband out, that it didn't seem that wrong to her. I don't even know why I'm telling you this story. I'm sure you'll probably twist it around and find a way to make me a bad person.

                              Can I ask you a question? Do you honestly think I am a bad person for choosing to marry someone who doesn't have a paper saying he's got the government's permission to live here?

                              The only reason for not marrying my husband was that he didn't have a greencard, that's it. His personality, morals, upbringing, interests, level of intelligence, goals in life and his general outlook all fit me like a glove. In the greater scheme of our short, miserable lives here on earth, how truly important is that little piece of paper? For me it's not THAT important, and if it is truly that important for you, I'm sorry. I am sincerely sorry.
                              Have a nice day


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