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    What happened to that guy???

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    What happened to that guy???


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      I am taking the LSAT on February 13 :-) I am preparing for it. I know that I still have wait perhaps this entire year to get my I-751 decision so I am not thinking about it too much lately.


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        Are you going to apply to Hofstra? We can hang out on campus together !!!!


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          I'll apply to PACER, ST JOHNS, RUTGERS, SETTON HALL, FORDHAM, CARDOZO, and BROOKLYN. I will decide for the best one out of that group that would admit me.


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            What department are you thinking of? Rutgers seems to be in my son's future ($) but we'll have to see in a couple of years...



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              PACER? You mean Pace?
              I liked Pace; very few coloreds but too far from my house; Beautiful campus too and no coloreds walking around there either - Good Safety School

              St. Johns is very good; Cardozo is good but a lot of jews but hot girls also; I would pick Cardozo over St Johns

              Brooklyn and Fordham are excellent schools; Brooklyn has a beautiful building; a lot of coloreds in the neighborhood though; I would pick Brooklyn over Fordham but either over SJU and Cardozo

              I am unfamiliar with NJ schools but don't forget that Newark and Jersey City are packed with drug crazed negroes

              Play up your grint story with them; they like *** stories; also tell them that you know me and they will be impressed as well


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                Aquila; what kind of law are you interested in? I am going for deportation law; I will be a specialist in deporting fraudsters


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                  What you meant by department? If you meant area of law, I am interested in perhaps doing International Law. I got my Bachelor's Degree on Information Systems.


                  I meant PACE. PACER is the name for the Federal Courts database system that I used very often here at my job to retrieve documents. That is why I got confused.

                  I am realizing that whichever school I go to, I am going to have to move, and I am not happy with the idea. I love my house and my neighborhood, specially if I have to move to Newark...

                  I am even considering the option of living on campus, because it might be even cheaper and I would save a lot of time that I can use to study.

                  I would love to get accepted to PACE because they have an interesting program in International Law which is the field I am thinking of getting into.

                  Well, that is all for now.

                  Take care..



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                    Yes, that is what I meant...

                    Good luck with the test!



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                      How do you feel amount the lack of coloreds at Pace? How important is that to you? Hofstra has a great International Program too; but we have a great number of coloreds; about 5 out of 100 in my class; Pace has none whatsoever. Hey if you go to Hofstra you can rent a room in my house from me ! Wouldn't that be great?


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                        I am not a racist like you my friend. I come from a country where "coloreds" and the rest of the people have always been equal. I come from a country where slavery was never permitted. I come from a country that although 96% of the population is from European descent, the 4% of blacks have greatly impacted our culture, and taht we all dance and celebrate their music and carnivals as if we were all black.

                        I would love to go to PACE, because everyone has tell me that it is a great law school. You should not charge me for rent, I am a rare grint specie, and thus having me in your house should be an honor for you

                        Take care,



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                          I am not a racist either. America has never allowed slavery either but we have kept our coloreds under control for their own good. We freed them from Africa and then from the Confederacy. America rules baby. America has been the negroes friend. We even have special institutions for negroes: The NAACP, the projects and prisons. And blacks have given America great things from their culture: fried chicken, watermelon, Michael Jackson and peanut butter. No white person would have ever thought of crushing up peanuts. Yessirree I am not a racist. I was just making you aware of the racial mix. By going to Pace which has no coloreds instead of Hofstra, which is ethnically diverse with 5 coloreds, you are exposing yourself as a racist.
                          I will offer you a grint special rent of 50 % off of my room; I will charge you only $400 a month ! But no funny smelling food allowed please.


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                            havent been here a while but I thought Michael was kicked outta here?


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                              I OWN this board how can I kick myself outta here?


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