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I751 Interview 1 week away *new member*

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    In your first post you didn't mention all that, but now after you clarified everything I think you have done everything properly, just go to your interview and hopefully you'll get approved. I wish you the best of luck


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      Thank you for the questions JohnDoe.
      Under the divorce petition that my ex-husband filed, he stated irreconsilable differences.
      The paperwork stated he felt the marraige was irretrievably broken.
      I was served with the paperwork for the divorce only 3 weeks after we seperated.
      I worked with my 2nd husband and new him for 18 months, and we dated for 11 months before we married.
      We have been married now for 15 months.


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        So what happened at the interview???


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          Sorry Michael I had created a new thread with an update, but here is what I said about the interview.

          Good morning everyone.
          I wanted to let you know how my interview with Immirgation went yesterday.
          I have to admit at this point in time I am very scepticle about wether I will be approved or denied.
          If I was to place a bet on it myself, I would say I will get a denial thoughFrown

          The gentleman who interviewed me appeared to be more interested in my appearance in a lot of the photographs rather than the details of my case, He would comment on the different color of myhair from the wedding photos *taken 3 years ago* is different to my hair color now.
          He also kept going off on different tangents, every time he asked me a question I would start to answer then he would interupt with something completely different not allowing me to finish.
          Thye whole horrible ordeal lasted only 15 minutes, and when he was finished with me, he dismissed me by throwing my case file on the floor, stamping my passport for 90 days and saying they would be in touch.

          So instead of having my temporary green card that was valid until 2006, I now only have 90 days and a horrible wait until they make thier decision.

          My question now is, he mentioned that should they deny me, my current husband can re-file on my behalf, what I would like to know is if there is going to be a penalty or any type of discrimination should we have to refile with a denial already on my case file?


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            He must not have heard that it is be kind to grints week. He threw your file on the floor? Are you serious?? Did he pick it up or did you have to? Was his name Bill? I will have a talk with him if it is.

            You can apply for a new AOS if they deny you. The good thing is that if that is successful, you will have been married for over two years and get a permenant green card. However, if they determine that the first marriage was fraudulent then you will be permanently barred from ever getting a green card; however that penalty is reserved for blatantly fraudulent cases. Wait and see what happens with this application first and don't worry about the new AOS until you get a decision on this one.


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