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    Couple more things to add, he did pay with checks, just not in my hubbys name, he always paid another guy and then hubby got his pay from him. We do have children, we have 2. I have picked up a part time job to try to help get this taken care of, but it isn't going to be easy, seeing how they won't accept the payment. What gets me is his earnings for those years were between $25,000 and $35,000, sent them a check including the fines and penalties. That was honest answer, and they rejected it?


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      Oh what a tangled web we weave.....

      Hold off on getting that CPA.. you dont need just yet. save your money 4now.

      Did your husband have the soc sec # and name of the guy that he was paid under?

      If so is there any way of contacting him to see if he filed that w-2 with tax return?

      Answer these 4me fisrt pls


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        Thie guy didn't have a social, he too is/was illegal. Matter of fact, it was his cousin. I really appreciate your time on this issue.


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          Well then it was the cousin 's soc sec number that this other guy used. so the w-2 will have "illegal john doe name with his cousin's soc security.. Is this correct?

          If this is the case, then most likely that w-2 was not filed with a tax return. this will be good as it can still be ironed out.


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            I can say this with 100 positivity ( is that a word ) I don't think so, but you know what I mean, that NO it in fact was NOT filed.


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              ok what tax years was this ?

              can the cousin still be contacted abut the w-2?


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                1999-2002, 2002 was payed for, sent it in, they kept the money sent us back a form stating they needed documents. The cousin went back to his country a year ago, 6 months after hubby quit working for this guy.


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                  Do you think the employer will be willing to file a corected w-3 if you are willing to do it for him or without cost to him?

                  U said he is getting much documentation about wrong soc sec/names. Im sure that this is one of them. Soc Sec Administr cross matches names and soc. and these didnt match. He could fix your husbands now. does your husband have an ITIN now?

                  If employer wont help, contact soc sec administration. You will need the name and the soc secu # that was used on the w-2.


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                    The ex employer won't do ****! We've tried. Hubby has a real social and is working for different person now. How would we get the social if the person that was using it isn't here any more?


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                      If employer will give u copy of last w-2 filed.. then you will have all info u need to contact S S administration.

                      If not.. then u have to consider what is fair amount to report and file Sch C as originally suggested.


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                        if the employer does not show any cooperation, i'd definitely attach an affidavit to my correspondence to the IRS explaining that i made a good faith effort to obtain documentation and failed. i'd also attach certified mail receipts, telephone logs, etc.


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