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American women accused of being abusive?

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    Ntfd3, I am well aware of abusive and controling US citizen spouses. In my opinion men who use AOS withholding tactics should be sent to jail. I would say the same for women who use prvable false abuse claims. I also know immigration knows the flaws in their system. I have spoken to them and many of them feel that their hands have been tied as far as using common sense by the CFR and VAWA laws.

    I could broaden what I am doing as you suggested however my efforts would be dilluted. Really a series of documentaries need to be made. New people coming into this process should know about the things you and I are writing about here.

    In regards "mail order brides". I am afraid the general public would not distinguish the difference if one met his/her spouse on line or via a marriage agency, whether it is or It is the same difference to them.

    No I don't think I am fooling myself about people using the back door by claiming abuse. I have documented proof in many forms of this type of fraud. It is my intention to show this so that all but the most dogmatic will see that this condition does exist.



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      but dont u think ur being bias to the usc and against the immigrant?

      as for beutiful mail order brides how ficcle. Are u so interested in outward beauty that u have no idea what the inside is like!!!! i am not disputing that there are many beautiful eastern brides out there.. But did u know they go to special schools to make themselves more attractive for the market such as this? Did u know that they put all their savings into the scheme of gettting a western man, not just usc but all western europe . Its a scheme to get their family to a better living standard most of the time. Some i agree to fall happily ever after in love, however its a business agreement for the majority.


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        <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by iperson:
        Max, do you think anybody serious is going to believe a one sided documentary??
        a witch hunt documentary won't be taken seriously. </div></BLOCKQUOTE>

        It is more toned down than your post to me. Actually filmmakers make documentaries for the various women's advocate groups. Do you think they are balanced and show the other side of men being falsely accused and set up by the local women's shelters? Yes it's a tough sell because people have been so conditioned by society through the establishment media to simplistic biased thinking.



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          A well know documentary filmmaker Barry Hamp wrote that it is impossible to make a documntary without some bias. The object is to keep the "some" limited. Just so you know I have a number of women and immigrants helping with this.

          I have been deeply involved with this issue for more than 4 years now. I know that there are persons and perhaps iperson you are one of them that want only one side, the angled journalism side to be known? To get to the truth both sides have to be presented. This of course is something that those that benefit from the bias do not want. So iperson what is your background?



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            I'll give you a topic which you can tape, record, and worry about. Instead of wasting resources on CRIMINAL ILLEGALS and fraudulent marriages, why don't you visit: poor neighborhoods where SENIOR AMERICANS survive below the poverty level, some have served in wars; or go to those atrocious hotels for senior, usually run by foreigners specially from India, who steal every penny from the senior's social security checks. Or go to the county hospitals and see how OUR CITIZENS are treated and see their faces when they cannot afford the medicines, yet the d/a/m/m/ CRIMINAL ILLEGALS get EVERYTHING. Or go to the Welfare offices and see the mexicans, the orientals, the africans, the hindus, the russians collecting all sorts of benefits that BELONG TO US.
            to Rambo and every damm illegal alien in the U.S. GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE!!! Your own countries are supposed to support you, THEY have an OBLIGATION with you, not us, when will you get it thru your sick skulls. We have MILLIONS of people who SHOULD


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