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    Nothing included in these pages should be construed as creating an attorney-client relationship between participants in these discussions and ILW.COM (and/or attorneys who post on this site), nor should anything in these discussions be deemed the provision of legal advice or a legal opinion. Participation in the discussion contained herein is not confidential or privileged and any material submitted or comments made should not be deemed to be confidential or privileged. Users of ILW.COM's discussion board rely on information on the page at their own risk. The information on the site is not intended to substitute for a consultation with a lawyer. Please use common courtesy, and refrain from using foul language. Posters of inappropriate messages will be barred from the discussion board.

    (Just a reminder).


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      Originally posted by Citizen_Kane:
      Aggravated stalking, violation of court order to stay away from an underage victim because of prior sexual contact and before that drug traficking etc....

      Can you remind me why the F U C K the FBI does background checks on immigrants then??
      What are they looking for? is it a waste of money then???

      If everyone thinks like you, well then we might as well let EVERYBODY in no matter what criminal background they might have.
      If you have a young daughter, I hope this guy moves in right next door to you, then let me ask you how you sleep at night.
      3 points:
      1. The drug charges came prior to IIRCA which expanded aggravated felony. In other words, it would violate the US Constitution, you know, that piece of paper that judges must uphold.

      2. Name checks came way after he was convicted although he may not be approved as a USC.

      3. In order for him to be arrested NOW, he needs to have violated law after the convictions you listed. Prior convictions may play a part on sentencing or removal proceedings, but not now. Or are you willing to violate the law yourself just for a personal vendetta?

      This is what I don't understand in your post, "HE EMPLOYS ILLEGALS, PAYS THEM A MEASLY $20 PER DAY, AND IS A RESIDENT OF THE U.S."
      Do you have any proof of this or is this schizophrenia on your part? Perhaps we should do a little background check on you. Perhaps you are his competitor?
      "Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passion, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence." John Adams on Defense of the boston Massacre


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        hudson i would have to agree with you on this. seems like it might be just out of spite.


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          Malinsky...GREAT link ! Where'd you locate that at ? Would like to find other cities/states official sites like this one.

          Originally posted by Malinsky:

          All Most Wanted - official website of THE LOS ANGELES POLICE DEPARTMENT
          :taz: What GOES around, COMES around!! :taz:


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