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  • want a better life

    hi im a person who wishes to go live in the us as a visitor or an investor but odnt know exacly what to do so if i can have someone to help that would be nice
    want a new life

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    you need to stop that. It's not funny anymore. Find something better to do like cleaning the **** from your backyard.


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      you need to stop that. It's not funny anymore.
      Who sey I joke ??!!
      I veri-veri serios !!!

      Find something better to do like cleaning the **** from your backyard.
      This is what I want !!!
      I want 12 melion illegel p-oopload cleened (= deperted) from my beckyard !!!

      And I no want this phony guy came here bifor we cleen p-oopload we have here !!!

      After we cleen and depert 12 melion illegel p-oopload ,mey be after this it's ok more legel emegrent came here.


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        E-Killer Posted September 18, 2006 11:13 AM :

        P oop eater go to p oopy shrink and take p oopills
        Phony guy want better life - but I also want better life !!!
        If phony guy came here - no more better life for me !!! He kill my job, his p-oopy childeren go school with my veri-veri nice childeren, he eat all welfer and go doctor when he sick... Who pey for this ??? I PEY !!! So after this no better life for me!!!
        And I no want bad life - I want better life for me !!!

        So why is OK for phony guy want better life and no OK for me want better life ???

        And bifor phony guy came here we have 12 melion illegel p-oopload in my beckyard , I DEMEND CLEENING MY BECKYARD FROM ALL 12 MELION ILLEGEL P-OOPLOAD, I WANT THEM ALL DEPERTED !!!!

        After you cleen my beckyard from 12 melion illegel P-ooploads - after this MEY BE I think if this OK for phony guy came here..


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          E-Killer Posted September 18, 2006 12:59 PM :
          P oopy P oopster eat 100 lbs of fresh p oop
          Yes MEP yes,

          I veri-veri heppi eeting 1.000.000 metric tons of P-oop coming from John Tanton FAIR behind,

          it is onli Illegel and Mexeken P-oop that I no layk !


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