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Aguila's Case Update: Divorce Final Today

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    Don't believe everything you hear. Many times it's from lawyers who have self-serving interests to make you feel like your case can become "very difficult" and needs their "special help". When in reality, all they wind up doing is filling out paperowk youcould've done yourself.

    But now you paid someone $2000 to do it.

    -= nav =-


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      Yes I always suspect that about lawyers trying to get cases because of course they make out a living out of it but you made an statement that almost all this petitions are approved and I would like to know from where did you get this, if I might please...


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        Aguila ...

        I read this on this board and others too ...well I never found any web source where its mentioned ...and fact is no website would ever publish stuff like this ...but looking at reality ....this could be true ...coz lot of hassles , paperwork and contradictions they will have to go through if they want to deny any case ...well if there is clear fraud then things are different but in current immigration system without any modification ...what moondin says .... It seems right to me .... Good luck ...Pasha


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          It actually does make sense, is logical that they would proceed this way unless as you pointed out there is a clear case of fraud; however, many others that have proven knowing a lot about immigration (mohan, SAMMY, aceIaw, etc) have mentioned that approval percentages were very low on these type of cases. I don't want to know who is right, I just would like to know if these people opinions are based on something tangible...


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            hi Aguila,

            Agreed... i wish i could get to read statastic of I-751 waiver somewhere just for curiosity... i posted it before too but never got any reply...well maybe now someone can find that out and post it here .... wish u all the best aguila....u r not going anywhere but staying here


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              Thanks man! I decided to file the I-751 waiver next Monday, I will double check and reorganize everythin over the weekend with time and if I move later on and they don't update my address I will probably still get the decision on my case because the landlords are friendly and should the USPS do not foward it to me, they will call me and I will go and pick it up, is not like before that if my wife would get she would probably rip it off.

              When I receive the NOA, if I notice something weird, like having to start waiting all over again, I will write to my local congressman explaining my situtation to see if he can get things straight out for me and I will be processed in the same timeline as the joint one has, and that would make having a decision on my case withing 6-8 months...


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                Hey Aguila; I hate to help you but it would be a good idea to ask your wife's help and have her do an affadavit to vouch for the marriage.


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                  You hate to help me? Why? In my divorce process I ask her lawyer for this, and also ask them for some documents thate in her possession that would be good proof of the bona fide nature or our marraige such as the lease agreement but she always ignore my requests.... is best this way taking her out of the picture because then if case is denied or something they might call her in etc etc, also I am claiming mental cruelty and it would not make sense that she would collaborate by giving me an affidavit. I am attaching wit my I-751 affivatis from three people and one from myself stating that I never intended to get married to circunvent any immigration law and that I gave up to all my personal and professional goals (quit college back home) in my home country to have a life together with her in the United States


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                    I would disagree with your approach. Abuse is the most difficult waiver. If I was counseling an I-751 waiver person, I would encourage them to be on the best terms possible with the ex and enlist their help. This person, just recently, escorted you to the AOS interview and married you. CLearly the USC did not enter into the marriage fraudulantly and has nothing to lose or gain by it. If the marriage was sincere, and just fell apart, the vast vast majority of USC's would help the person they used to be in love with. Look how pathetically Swissnut tried to save her marriage and me too for that matter.

                    If my ex had approached me and told me how unhappy she was and sorry that the marriage was making her unhappy and asked for my understanding and forgiveness and to help her with the greencard, I would have jumped at the chance. I would have appreciated that opportunity to gain understanding, offer forgiveness and make the best of the situation for both of us. The heart of a true American is to always seek win-win situations. It is an alien concept to foreigners who feel that the world owes them something.

                    However, a person who feels or knows that they were just used can and should be vindictive and seek justice. My ex went out of her way to hurt me. Instead of getting my cooperation, my ex got an American Jihad instead and one way or another it is costing her dearly in return.


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                      I am glad to know better the nature of your character. Unfortunately, my exwife is a lost cause. First of all, she is a woman, and she is resentful and she does not look into her mistakes in our relationship. She is the type of person that you one day could be her best friend and right the next day her worst enemy... I am almost 100% that she already wrote to USCIS trying to jeopardize my case. She is vengeful because she is a person that did not grow with love... she is very dark, I feel compassion for her. In addition to that, her mother pushes her to do even worse things, if she would have wanted to help me by giving me an affidavit she would have done it already. If my applications gets denied then I would turn to her although it would be probably useless for her help but now I feel that I am in my own and I am confident that everything will be okey based upon tons of documentation that I have put together. I also have that win-win mentality you talk about, but unfortunately for her in life everything is black or white, there are not even grays...


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                        Aguila, I can be someones best friend one day. But if they stab me in the back, you better believe I will become their worst enemy the next day and a lifetime nightmare. I don't know the circumstances in your case if you tried to talk things out or not.

                        But in general, I would reccomend any I751er to talk about things with the spouse if possible. There would be nothing to lose. This would have to be done before it turned nasty.


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                          As quoted by Aguila:

                          "First of all, she is a woman,"

                          Well, I HOPE so!

                          Please don't think ALL women are like this, Aguila.

                          I will refrain from calling you chauvenist and sexist.
                          Sweet Madame Belu


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                            I am not a sexist or anything, but we can't ignore facts of life :-)


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