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    I don't know why you are happy, you should be very sad, your case should had been approved 20 years ago and you should been a U.S citizen on 1992. You wait too long to receive approval because of immigration officer mistake 20 years ago, you lost a lot of money and energy to correct somebody else mistake, you should sue USCIS.


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      Congratulations, Arvind! I'm so happy for you. I applied last year and I had my interview and I haven't heard anything yet. Anybody else in the same boat as me?


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        does anybody know how long it takes for a I-687 application to be approved? i've been waiting for a long time. there are so many people who got their approvals already. am i the only one who's waiting?


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          dear friends:

          i received my i-688 card in the mail today. i would like to thank all the wonderful people on this awesome discussion board for all the help and advice and support over the past 18 months. i really appreciate it. i will no longer be logging into this discussion board from here on. i think this is the best immigration discussion board in the world.

          for those who are interested, here's a summary of my quest for legalization:

          submitted i-687 to chicago PO box...aug 2004
          received receipt...sept 2004
          biometrics taken at wichita ASC...sept 2004
          received EAD...dec 2004
          interview at wichita CIS office...sep 2005
          received letter for 2nd interview...dec 20, 2005
          biometrics taken at wichita ASC...dec 28, 2005
          2nd interview at wichita CIS office...jan 17, 2006
          passport stamped "temporary resident" on same day
          i-688 card received today...feb 3, 2006

          the funny thing about this whole thing is that my LIFE application from 2001 is still pending. and i had my interview in 2003.


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              hi,i applied for i-687 and advance parol same time on dec 05,2005,i get my ead card on march 03,2006.i gave my fingerprint for i-687 on may.30,2006 and yet i didn't receive any updates.even i didn't receive my traveling doc. can somebody tell me ,what should i do to get back my traveling document and how long it gonna take to approve my i-687.


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                Usually, when the Service asks you to return to a second interview is because some fact about your eligibility, which was either not discovered at the time of your intial interview or has developed after that interview needs "ironing out".

                However, because they are also asking you to bring a valid passport, it may very well be because they will approve your application at the second interview. The purpose of the unexpired passport may be two-fold. Generally speaking, the CIS needs a valid unexpired passport to remove an alien who has had a final executable order of removal. Also, the CIS needs a valid unexpired passport to stamp the temporary evidence that the applicant has been granted permanent resident status.

                In your case, it appears to me that is for the latter reason. Based on the statements you have made, with respect to your eligibility for a grant, I am inclined to believe your case will be APPROVED.

                Let us know please.


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                  It sounds good to me. and il think you have been aproved,Let us know please,so we can be updated.Good lucky


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                    I have just spoken to the court clerk regarding IAP V INS. she shared with me that there will be a joint session on 31st Dec. We could be nearing the end of 20 year captivity.


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                      You've been denied; now get out


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                        please help me i received a notice of intent to deny my case and i have submitted all i can for evidence so far. The uscis sent me a ltter last week stating the notice of decision in which they have denied my case.I came illegally in the us when i was 2 years old in oct 1981.
                        I have all my school records from 1984 - present. I gave the Uscis 2 affidavits of people who took care of me in 1981. these people are us citizens who came to the us in the 1970's. the uscis also state i am not a class memeber since i did not file in 1988-1989. how could i have filed since back than when i was 9 years old at the time. I have provided the uscis with prrof from 1984 - present which are school records, hospital records from 1983 and 2 affidavits from 2 people proofing my residence from 1981-1983. please help what else may i supposed to submit? i want to appeal this case but need more help in doing so thank you.


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                          Sodium Hypochlorite


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