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ALLAH punishes Texas - Bush home state

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    country ебу шин???


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      всех чурок ебать тоже.


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        manali,,first of all ,,ur the biggest loser and idiot and jackass in the whole world,,ur sick mother ****er,and c,there is nothing u can say about it,,and why ur not trying to defind ur self,,bcoz u know ur a stupid mother ****er who get's happy to c ppl get hurt or died???????what is so funny about it u sick basterd,,and second of all,,iam a muslim middle eastern guy from jordan ,,i entered the u.s in 2003 and i lost my status in late 2006 bcoz i made a stupid mistake and i left the country without getting a re-entry permit,,so my *** got kicked back to mexico bcoz that were i was when i tryed to re-enter,,so now i have the right to say **** the u.s?or **** thoes ppl who were killed in 9/11?or the ppl who gets killed in iraq everyday? what doe's bush have to do with this u stupid jackass mother ****er,,ur one of thoes ****ing middle eastern idiots who know's nothing but makeing fun and getting god involved on everything? and i dont blaim the world of what they think of us,,,i got sent back to mexico bcoz of the mistake i made,,and iam saying it mistake,,but iam not going around and telling ppl **** the u.s.a ,and **** bush,,and **** the country and the ppl,,ur sick ******* mother ****er,,this country is the best place on earth,,and u know something,,there is only 1 thing about this country is really one thing about this country is really ****,,u know what it is? i tell u what,,that they allowed ****ing arabs to be inn,,and iam serious ,,bcoz when they respict u and give ther citizen ship ,,and ther,, money ,and ther passport,and u can own a house and business i dont c why r u talking **** about them?in the ****ing middle east can u publish something like this online u *******?if u mention just the name of any arab faged leader online ur *** will get ****ed after 5 min,,and u know that,,and iam woundering if u live in the u.s? and iam alsot sure u r ,,u double face mother ****er ,,in the street can u say that infront of the ppl? i dont think so,,bcoz ur a ***** ,,go back to ur ****ing country and make 200 a month ,,u *******,,can u tell the cops in the middle east **** the king or the president? huh,,they will **** u from ur *******,,so ur one of thoes pppl who said god bless america in public and online say god punish the american? and think about it u stupid jackass,,,what doe's bush have to do with texas? he was born in texas,,but he doesn't own the country ,,so it doesn't really bother him u *******,,and thoe's ppl who died they were killed in flood u stupid mother ****er,,so why r u makeing fun ? i think bush is an idiot yes,,but i wont wish to ppl to be killed in america just bcz i dont like the leader? r u ****ing drunk? well,,at least it was a nature?how many ppl get killed in the middle east by ther own goverment everyday? can u logg on some arabic website and put ur real name and ur address and talk **** about the goverment ? i pay my life if u want go to the street and carry the king or the president picture and walk around in the street singing for him,,,,u ***** *****,,,,and just to let u know something,,alot of american ppl hates the middle easterns rigt?and ppl from all over around the world,,but guess what,,they dont hate us...they hate how we r ,,bcoz we ,,,and weeeeeeeee is a big word,,we show them how *******s and idiots we r ,,and thats why they get the wrong idea and they say all of them? and like i said before i dont blaim them...bcoz we r the only nation that make's fun and get happy when ppl get killed ,,and we even give's sweets and candy's away in the street,,**** u ,,and if ur a real man,,and this is a chellenge ,,put ur real name and ur phone number and ur address on here,,,if ur a really man,,do it ,,prove ur self,,can u do it? the answer is no,,so ur a ***** talker ,,and this web is only to talk about immigration matters not ur bull****,,stay the **** away from here,,,when i publish my case online on this web,,alot of ppl attacked me ,,but the different between us ,,that i attacked them back which is wrong too,,but only them,,and not the whole country u dump ***...wake up ,,and yes,,and i have money to go back to my country and live like a king with my wife over ther?why do u think iam waiting to get back to the u.s?bcoz its the place on earth u mother ****er,,ur just makeing me sick,,,,*******


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          where is ur name and ur phone number and the address?u p u s s y


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            yeah i wanna see her ***** too or at least a naked picture


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              Of course she got lucky my pennis just got up!!!!


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                is manali a female?


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                    hmmmm,,what a ***** u r manali,,u made us all look bad bcoz of ur stupidity,,but i guess ur mom was raped by one on the arabic leaders,,and bcoz u cannot open ur mouth over there and say anything,,so thats why u hate the u.s and u were happy about all what happen in texas,,get a life (b i t c h),and when u wanna say something next time ,,dont get god or the religion involved b i t c h ,,,and ur lucky ur in the u.s,bcoz if u were in the middle east and u said what u said about one of the goverments over there,,they would trace ur ip address and ****ed u over,,so u better watch ur mouth ,,and dont talk **** about the country that made u and ur whole nation be a human's,b i t c h


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                      Sodium Hypochlorite


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