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When criminilazin bill be voted?

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  • When criminilazin bill be voted?

    When the House bill criminilazing illegal aliens be voted in the Senate?
    was it voted last week or not?

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    When the House bill criminilazing illegal aliens be voted in the Senate?
    was it voted last week or not?


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      I believe it was voted DOWN last friday.
      3 bills , 3 DOWN. FRIDAY.


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        I think they were 5 bills immigration bills pending in the Senate but just the 3 were voted down.


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          1.cloture on Salazar NO
          2.Cloture on some other sh it NO
          3. cloture on FRIST ! NO


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            The Senate declined to vote on the Frist bill, a watered-down version of H.R. 4437. Most Senators have spoken against criminalizing unlawful presence; so given the current picture, it's hard to imagine that a bill featuring those provisions is going to be passed by that particular body.


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              Yeah, im kind of shock that the anti-immigration group didnt realized that the house bill was voted down by a large margin in the senate.

              Bigots like jeff,someone12, antifascist and others cant comprehend that the house bill has no chance in the senate, but the comprehensive bill does have a chance in the house because its only a small part of the house republicans that are violently against it whyle all house democrats supports it...There is an invade bigger support for comprehensive bill in the senate.

              This is what i kept tellin antifascist a.k.a immortale when i say anti immigration bill has no chance in a million.


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                Really, Jean. The House majority leader, Mr. Boehner, has said that he does not support a guest worker program WITHOUT the borders being secure. You're the one who claims he has the power to get what he wants through the House, so if that's the case, no legalization without increased enforcement.


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                  I support the amendment to enact the guest worker program only when the borders are "reasonably secure". However, in the interests of clarity, the term "reasonably secure" should be clearly defined to avoid finger-pointing and delays.


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                    You have to understand that you cant have interior enforcement unless you inact the guest worker immidiately because, why would you flush those migrants out of their jobs when you will later on inact a guest worker so they could keep those jobS?? This is why the guest worker was created in the first place, it was created so that ag jobs could still keep their workers, as long as the workers apply for the guest worker. If they want to block the borders, then fine, but you should not crack down on employees nor inside-undocumented workers when you are conducting those enforcement.

                    The dirty tricks that the extremist are playing when they say they want enforcement first is, enact the enforcement, and go after all those migrants that will benefit from the GWP..And i feel like they would try to stall the GWP part of the immigration as much as possible because they really dont want it.

                    Logic tells you that you cant have enforcement-only if you are planning to have a GWP doesnt work like this, they have to go hands and hands.


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                      MORE LIES, LIES ,LIES FROM OUR RESIDENT B-U-L-L-S-H-I-T-E-R jean. You know what Jean, I am so sick of your garbage that I hope your "I-NOT-AN-AFRICAN-AMERICAN" a-s-s gets kicked out with the rest of the illegals.


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