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Why Arresting Illegal Aliens For Minor Crimes Is A Great Idea

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  • Why Arresting Illegal Aliens For Minor Crimes Is A Great Idea

    Previously arrested illegal alien kills four. No concern shown by Olde moron.

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    There was illegal alien who saved a child from kidnapping by following the abductor in his car and removing the kid from the van after it hit the poll. It was in news all over networks. Should we now consider all illegals heroes? What the individual action one takes has to do with the immigration status? Since when immigration status is a club of sorts with a membership?

    It is so stupid to pick one irrelevant to accident factor and make it a focus of entire incident. Every day there are hundreds of accidents all over the country, no one bothers to mention anything about their statues if they are legal or USC.

    But some Taliban-Puritan zealot will consistently search and register one accident every month or so where the culprit is illegal , hereby implying that all illegals must be burned at stake , with "OH LORD JESUS, ILLEGALS ARE ON DRUNK ROAD RAGE NATIONWIDE!OH JESUS, WE MUST NAIL ALL THESE ILLEGALS BECAUSE THEIR IMMIGRATION STATUS IS WHAT MAKES THEM GET DRUNK AND CAUSE ACCIDENTS! OH LORD JESUS, WE HAVE SUCH SUPER HIGH IQ's, THANK YOU JESUS!"

    If you follow that logic then you may as well look for similarly irrelevant patterns, like what brand of shoe do most people wear who end up in accidents and later found to be at fault. May be you then should go door to door and check everyone's closet for that particular brand of shoe, so you can arrest the owners before they drive a car and cause an accident.

    This Taliban-Puritan Mullah-Tanton folk are the most egregiously stupid and brain-dead folk you can imagine of out there.

    Millions of US Citizens are doing time in jail for committing all sorts of crimes, do you then go and preemptively arrest and put in jail ALL OF AMERICAN CITIZENS so that none would ever commit a crime? How would that make sense?

    Of course, the Taliban-Puritan Mullah-Tanton bozos don't give a hoot about victims and crimes committed and prevention of the same, all they are obsessed about is ILLEGAL ALIENS and anything is fair argument to scapegoat ILLEGAL ALIENS. There is, after all, lots of $$$$$ to made out of taxpayers pocket if millions end up locked up for years ,i bet those private prison shareholders salivate over it more than hungry dog salivates over big chunk of fresh meat.

    D.amn you, stupid Taliban-Puritan Mullah-Tanton tools.

    "...I contemplate with sovereign reverence that act of the whole American people which declared that their legislature should 'make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibit


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      Not one incident Olde moron. They do this daily and that is alot more than one life saved by an illegal.

      12 Americans killed each day by illegal aliens.


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        I think the ones who are legal or USC should be treated the same as those like illegal aliens.We should not consider illegals as heroes but at least they should not b treated as badly.
        Roller Blinds


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          The criminal illegal scum should be deported with a kick in their behinds. I report them all, thanks to me we have less illegal scum.


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            Simply because you and I have not seen aliens.
            right! geometry dash


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