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I-751 / Removal of condition form notarized...

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  • I-751 / Removal of condition form notarized...

    hi everybody...

    it might sound dumb but want to double check ...

    Should I notarize the actual I-751 form for signature of both spouses? just like letters from friends and family ...? Did u guys do that when u sent ur joint I-751 ?


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    hi everybody...

    it might sound dumb but want to double check ...

    Should I notarize the actual I-751 form for signature of both spouses? just like letters from friends and family ...? Did u guys do that when u sent ur joint I-751 ?



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      I only had the letters notorized, not the application form.


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        If the instructions which accompany the I-751 do not stipulate that it should be notarized, then it is not necessary. As far as I can recollect there is a caveat (codicil) at the base of the form, which in essence cautions, under penalty of the law against the provision of fraudulent information and signatory, anyway.


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          The forms do not need to be notarized.



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            Hi Pasha

            The forms have notation about "perjury & penalty". so need to be notarized.

            However if you feel you want them notarized, then go ahead. its no problem. Some people do just to make themselves feel better and that there is no doubt about who signed them.


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              Thanks a lot swiss, ircroxy, ARQU and 4now.... Just wanted to double check what you guys think about it ..... thanks once again...I appreciate your answers...Pasha


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                Under "Evidence of the relationship" in instructions for Petition to remove the conditions on residence (Form I-751)I found the following:

                *Affidavits sworn to or affirmed by at least 2 people who have known both of you since your conditional residence was granted and have personal knowledge of your marriage and relationship. (Such people may be required to testify before an immigration officer as to the information contained in the affidavit). The original affidavit must be submitted, and it must also contain the following information regarding the person making the affidavit: (biographical data and etc.-E.). Affidavits must be supported by other types of evidence listed above.

                Now, it is not clear from "evidence listed above" whether you HAVE to notarise the Form-751 itself.
                It is my understanding that since BOTH spouses WILL be interviewed by Immigration Officer, this requirement will be fullfilled on its onw.

                I think you could get the accurate information from Attorneys who encountered this thing in practice.
                They always know practically correct answer.

                Good luck.


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                  Thanks a lot E for your kind affords to look at things for me... I really appreciate it.... Reason for me to ask this one coz I remember from past posts of aguila if I m not wrong... but they did it with help of lawyer and may be they did notarize that form... not sure about it....

                  Yeah lawyers can answer pretty accurately ... but I m not planning to consult them.... But that is true.... Well usually people don't notarize but as I though ... let me see what people think of this idea.... Thanks again... have a great day... Pasha


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                    The purpose of notarizing a piece of correspondence is three-fold: to affirm that the individual signing it is indeed the person represented; that they are aware of that which they are signing (i.e. that they agree that the information is correct) and they are doing it willingly. This is necessary in absence of any legal caveat to caution them to any penalties of misrepresentation, which appears on the base of the I751 itself.

                    If the I751 is signed by both co-petitioners, they are representing that they are both willing to appear for an interview, should one be required. It would be my opinion that to notarize the I751, especially when it is not called for, could be interpretted as going beyond the call of duty, and might have a negative impact.


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                      Hi swiss...

                      I think u r right...that idea came in my mind too.... Too good could be taken for bad sometime. Thanks for ur valuable input.... Have a great day... Pasha


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