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I551 Stamp and traveling outside of the US

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  • I551 Stamp and traveling outside of the US

    My wife just received her I551 Stamp pending her green card being mailed to us. Our lawyer and the immigration official said that with that stamp she is authorized to travel outside of the US like anyone who has their green card.

    However, I spoke to a couple of friends who stated that they have "heard" of people having trouble leaving a foreign country because the Airlines and/or foreign immigration officials are not aware of the I551 stamp and may prohibit someone from leaving that country if they dont have the actual green card.

    Has anyone had a similar or different experience. Any help would be much appreciated

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    NYC, it's true that the stamp is as good as the real card. you should have no problem traveling with the stamp on the passport. Make sure the passport is still valid.

    on another note, can you detail the time line of your wife AOS? is it marriage-based? when did you apply and got the interview? thanks


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      Thanks for the response:

      We applied for AOS based on marriage to USC (Myself) in the City of New York (Federal Plaza). It took about 30 months (July 2002 until January 27, 2005).

      Thank God its over. Now the unknown wait for the Green Card!


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        I have I551 stamp on my passport and keep waiting for GC too. I really wanna travel abroad but am afraid of troubles on re-entering US soil. Though almost everyone I spoke to have said it's perfectly alright to travel outside US, and I never heard of anybody having problems to get re-enter US...but...nuf said!


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          thanks NYC...look like i will have my interview sometime this year. I applied for AOS on march's been almost 2 fingerprinted last Aug.

          You should be happy that your spouse got the stamp at the interview....lots of other people did not get stamped at the interview...Kalla got interview last July but still waiting for the stamp..(some pending security check..etc).

          If i were you, i will buy a ticket and visit my country right away.


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            A valid I-551 stamp in a valid passport is just as good as the GC. I have never had a problem and have travelled many (many) times with just my I-551 stamp...

            Only one time, at LaGuardia, they had me sit in the office while they verified the stamp and my status on their internal (BCIS) computer systems. This was after a trip to Europe...



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              yea me too, I m still waiting for the stamp in my passport, I applied for AOS July 2003 went to interview last year July 04, and the officer did not stamp the little book, (security check,etc)


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