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Illegal own the business??

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    This Board is good and have helpful members along with others who are not very much so.

    Why close the entire board because of some mebers who are anti-immigrant?

    On the other hand, censuring board (to eliminate those anti-immigrants' ability to post) would also be wrong and make this board phony.

    Just my two cents


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      No Harvy, we are anti-ILLEGAL immigrant - there is a big difference. I am all in favor of LEGAL immigration, from the start.
      But I say we should rid the country of visa cheats, like the OP.
      However, if you are in favor of illegals, why not give this guy a hand, a car, your job??? Gee, I guess you don't really support illegal immigration after all.
      Here's another news flash, Harv....America has Freedom Of Speech - so we don't have to post according to your rules....and, just like TV, if you don't like what's on channel 8, change the channel.
      You have a nice day now.


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        Many people have small businesses and are "foreigners". I know someone whose uncle (foreign) owned 6 Magic Cuts salons(not multnational companies - little tiny hair salons) in the US. He died and left them to her (a foreigner). She has 6 salons and travels back and forth monitoring her salons. She is not considered illegal by immigration and she pays American business taxes and personal taxes in her home country.

        By the way IE, people with limited cognitive ability are unable to transfer abstract concepts between subjects. They also have no sense of humor and often pout. Limited verbal skills give way to annoyance and anger. The believe what they read and hear and are unable to understand subtle nuances in conversations.
        They simply stay at what Piaget called the concrete thinking stage. (cement heads!)


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          (cement heads!)
          That's a good one, dragonlady!

          In the last thought sugarpuff is right, it is not wise to own a business while illegally present jere. One would fare better not to be here illegally and own a business because if one is present here illegally owning a business at the same time could complicate and make matters worse.

          But sugarpuff is "cement head" because:

          1. He didn't get the humor (what kind of idiot "the major Daimler-Benz shareholder" would have to be to come here on F-1 Visa and overstay?

          2. He mixes up two unrelated issues (owning a business/ a stock and illegal presence in US)into one.

          It's a pleasure to have you on this board, dragonlady, as you express your views very clearly and accurately, and all those nuances are indeed very important but most never realise.


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            IE and Dragonlady bragging about their intelligence is like John Kerry bragging about his war record.

            It is tiresome, pathetic and getting old.


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              Reviewed posts - nothing from IE or Dragonlady re: statements of personal intelligence. Must be a derived assumptiom from the quality of information passed on by these two persons.

              Thank you Sugarpoof


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                You are a total psycho.


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                  I wouldn't want to mess with dragonlady.

                  And I pity anyone who would attempt to.


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