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    hi guys so far sundevil is very helpful to me with my questions here, i think he is only againts illegal immigrant which i understand. ofcourse american doesn't want illegal immigrant in their country, for so many reason. i am legal immigrant here in america and so far nobody treats me any different and everybody is good to me because i am legal here. i admit philippines is not as great as america but there is illegal immigrants there too believe or not, filipino's hate it. i don't hate illegal immigrant but i don't support them either.


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      dear ProudUSC: thank you!
      Notice that no one, yet, has ever found a flaw in my postings....oh sure, they disagree, but when challenged to support their myopic (and u patriotic) view of illegal immigration, they choose from one of the following responses:
      (a) The Native Americans were here first (so?)
      (b) I am a racist (what race are illegal aliens?)
      (c) the guy/girl I know that is illegal truly deserves a GC ahead of all others because ...because....well...(and they never finish the sentence)
      and finally, my favorite, a variation on the:

      "Americans disobey traffic laws and therefore illegal aliens should be rewarded!!!" Now there is an interesting leap in logic.
      You forgot the "we're all hard working, honest tax paying immigrants" and "life back home was hard" excuses.

      And legal aliens ALSO abuse and take advantage of our laws.


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        dmartmar do you know how expensive it is to be legal here? you are again talking about your wife who "take advantage" of you, does puerto rican pay taxes in america? just wondered because i do not know. anyway stop complaining about legal immigrants it is not gonna get you any better. find a women who will love you better.


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          ALSO dmartmar i feel sorry for you.


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            Originally posted by ProudUSC:
            In this forum, I've read so many negative comments about this country, its government, President and policies, I just got fed up.
            Again, I have to throw the 65% stat right back at you. The majority of Americans are fed up with the current policy. All you have to do is pick up any of major newspapers to read negative comments about government, President and policies nowadays.

            Are those Americans wrong to do that? Absolutely not. Is it wrong for immigrants to participate in a decenting voice? Again, absolutely not. If majority of people believe the policy is wrong, then maybe there is a need to fix the policy instead of placing blind faith on incompetent politicians.


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              Originally posted by solodacat:
              dmartmar do you know how expensive it is to be legal here? you are again talking about your wife who "take advantage" of you, does puerto rican pay taxes in america? just wondered because i do not know. anyway stop complaining about legal immigrants it is not gonna get you any better. find a women who will love you better.
              I don't think Puetoricans are subjected to federal taxation. They get all the benefits of being an American without having to pay tax. The best of both worlds. Only drawback is they don't get representation in the congress.


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                thx templar for the info

                dmartmar maybe you should stop complaining about legal and illigal immigrants because since you are puerto rican usc you probably don't even pay taxes. haha you are so funny.


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                  again i don't care about illegal immigrants and i don't support them either. dmartmar is just so annoying. but anyway he is funny too haha.


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                    Originally posted by Houston:
                    The right to marry is a "fundamental" right as observed by the Supreme Court and other authorities. Fundamental rights are those that are "implicit in the concept of ordered liberty, such that neither liberty nor justice would exist if sacrificed" (Washington v. Glucksberg, 521 U.S. 702, 721 (1997)). The spousal rights of those families that involve convicted felons and *** offenders are as valid as those involving regular couples and community role models.

                    Case law is abundant when it comes to the protection of this fundamental right. Virginia's miscegenation law was invalidated in Loving v Virginia for violations of the Equal Protection Clause (it classified individuals on the basis of race) and also because the law would cause an undue interference with 'the fundamental freedom" of marriage. In Zablocki v Redhail, Wisconsin law was struck down requiring persons ordered to pay child support for the children of previous marriages to obtain permission of a court to marry. In Turner v Safley, Missouri prison regulations prohibiting inmates from marrying was ruled as one that failed to meet even a lowered standard of "reasonableness" that would apply in evaluating the constitutionality of prison regulations. The right to marry is not simply the right to obtain a license and execute it, it involves the right to live together as husband and wife. Marriage is of so importance that it's considered as a mitigating against the imposition of the death penalty. Even in the light of these opinions, immigration law insists on regulating the constitutional rights of many citizens legally married to aliens; it forecloses on the possibility of married life because of minor immigration violations with complete disregard for the constitutional rights of the citizen spouse.

                    Some are quick to determine blame and guilt without clear understanding of what case law mandates. The law may not be seen in isolation but as a member of a families of other laws fathered by the Constitution. A couple may not be ruled out to have a void marriage if they believe the marriage was valid. There's no guilt in the absence of intent. However, immigration law because of its regulatory nature, assigns guilt and life-altering consequences upon those who act in good faith or are simply mislead by wrongful advice. Common sense is NOT a good guide when considering immigration statutes. Usually, once the true nature of the violations is discovered and the consequences understood, the couple faces permanent separation, exile or a life in illegal status. There's no mechanism of relief, no realistic and humane way to deal with these things. Immigration law is not simple, it's in fact hyper-technical, confusion and misunderstanding are very common and the results are catastrophic and geared towards the destruction of the family unit.

                    President Bush has stated "The union of a man and a woman is the most enduring human institution, honored and encouraged in all cultures and by every religious faith". There's many ways to punish immigration violations without destroying a family or ignoring the constitutional rights of citizen spouses.
                    This is very informative, I will use it to stock my arsenal in preparation of the defense of my illegal butt!

                    Thanks Houston!
                    “...I may condemn what you say, but I will give my life for that you may say it”! - Voltaire


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                      Originally posted by explora:

                      I'm in agreement with all your postings!

                      Thank you!
                      “...I may condemn what you say, but I will give my life for that you may say it”! - Voltaire


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                        proudusc because of the marriage fraud, and other people who came here illegally it makes it hard for us to come here in america, it makes it hard for us to process every paper work, i am glad im always here with my husband, it is really pain in the *** all the paper work, money and everything else just to be legal here, i am not afraid of anything because i know me and my husband have a good intention in this marriage.


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                          When I read posts that are sympathetic to Sadaam H., please give me a break. It was only a matter of time - he hated America with a passion - he did have the weapons, just conveniently destroyed them before we invaded.

                          Where did you here that? Does CNN know about that?
                          “...I may condemn what you say, but I will give my life for that you may say it”! - Voltaire


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                            all too often, those who are here illegally or out of status or whatever non-legal term one wishes to apply, their whines are similar..."it's someone else's fault"..."the laws are too complicated" (really? how much common sense does it take to understand that sneaking across the border of a sovereign nation is illegal?? that overstaying a visa is a violation of one's implied promise when one obtained said visa..this ain't rocket science)..or " I had valid reasons for not obeying the rules [but these 'valid' reasons are never given and when asked to add more detail, the usual response is making racist accusations at the inquirer)...
                            bottom line: statisically, 99% of illegals knew they were breaking the law one way or the other (exclude from this percentage minor children) and have no one to blame but themselves. But they refuse to accept responsibility and instead are constantly searching for some loophole, phony marriage or whatever to game the system....I say enough...let the legal immigrants come here; get rid of ALL illegal aliens.


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                              ProudUSC: sure, it's irritating, but it's fun to throw their whining back in their face and challenge them to offer any rational, logical explanation to justify their actions....and listen or watch for the silence that follows....or the "racist, KKK" labels they toss about.
                              Review many of my postings (and some of others) when I have challenged either the illegal or their supporter...not a single one has ever come up with any rational, sane, logical (or certainly LEGAL) explanation or rationalization for their actions.....I wonder why not???


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                                Originally posted by ProudUSC:
                                Here, here Someone12! I'm probably not going to hang around this forum too much longer because it irritates the h-e-l-l out of me to hear these visa cheating, green card evading, illegals moan and complain about our laws. It does comfort me to know that there are others that feel the same way like you and SunDevilUSA. I'm glad I had my say and thanks to my patriotic friends who supported my comments.
                                Houston probably has the most experience, other than legal professionals, about immigration. This is because he went/or is going to law school. The immigration system is broken. It takes way too long for someone to immigrate to the US for even the most simplest process. The system has an uneven system of punishment that is more draconian than other immigration systems, and the system does not meet the economic needs of this country. The skills that are in the most demand are generally held by foreign workers. This should tell you the state of the education system right now and we no one to blame but ourselves. Finally, system is more complicated than the tax code we currently have and that is a fact.

                                Now, before you go off on another tirade, I am a USC, have worked, but no longer, with the federal service, and probably seen more fraud than you can fathom. Immigrants who come here should not be treated like indentured servants, especially foreign wives. And if the marriage does not work out, then the foreign wife is not a cheater. You must prove the intent to obtain a green card and that is very hard to do under the current law. And intent is not simply someone getting a divorce either. I suggest you learn about the system before you start disagreeing with immigrants and USC who have more experience than you.
                                "Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passion, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence." John Adams on Defense of the boston Massacre


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