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    I think you are one of the few people on this board who seem to be a decent person.
    I had recently the same impression about Still Learning.

    Although both of you in general disagreed with me ( on most of the points I made) , yet you both HAD someting to say and didn't just engage in word play/sophistry.

    I appreciate that.And I MEAN it.

    Also, I would suggest you try to understand that the heat of my conversation is not an expression of meanness.
    There we have some "prism" problem, and as you noted you are not the only one having this kind of misperception about my ideas.

    In general, I could tell you that there are various levels of consciousness that reflects itself in my replies.

    If I reply too quickly, it is mostly an emotional and for known reasons also the most fallible responce (including grammatically, although the grammar is something I worry in the last instance).

    Speed of thoroughly analysing/processing information does not always match to the speed of our speech.

    Very rare, truly HIGHLY gifted people, the ones we have read about in history books of Ancient times were capable of such brilliance.

    At no time I assumed to posess such capability.

    In my case, it takes some time( more time is always better) before I can leave all the turbulence of emotions aside and reflect things impartially/clearly.

    Analytical/perceptive mind is like a surface of the water.
    Only when it is absolutely still could it reflect things in absolute accuracy, like a perfect mirror.

    Mine, even at its very best, still has scratches.imperfefections, flaws on it. And I know very well about that.
    But very often I also notice that others have even more imperfections,flaws, "turbulence" and their stubborn unwillingness to prove me the opposite stirs up my mind and the result is well known to some members of this forum.

    I am not too fond of "Personality types" kind of books. I have read them for educational purpose, but I came to conclusion that most of it is presumptive crap that exists only because our modern psychoanalytical science is relatively new, and thus it is only in infancy of its growth: it will take may be a hundred years before world gets enlightened by the Einsteins of psychology.

    So, what do I have to tell you now?
    First of all I appreciate you taking your time and replying to me.
    I think in overall I didn't miss the sense of your appreciation for some of my thoughts.
    And if I used harsh words in reply then it was only part of that "turbulence".

    Also, for future reference, don't expect to get balanced/calm replies from me if you get them too quick.

    Even this particular post that, I think, is somewhat milder than previous, yet it still has all the flaws of "quick reply".

    I wish I had high speed and superhuman idillic perception of Ancients, but I don't.
    I recall with envy someone who was studying in the college with me: he would win checkmate in 16-20 moves, all moves made in a matter of seconds.
    That was marvelous, but it is not me.

    So, please take that note and don't have too high expectations of me next time.
    Despite all your critisism, in fact you expect quite a bit from me, and I am afraid I simply can't afford it.

    I guess this was a rare admission.
    You are absolutely right, I am not in the habit of advertising my admissions of fault.
    Usually, as I recall from my experience, it has an effect of the bone on the wild dog:
    you admit a mistake and there you see those eyes of predators always craving for more.
    But I had a sense that this is a different case.

    Finally, this post about "consulting services" was a kind of a "prank".
    I don't consult anyone, my educational background is: little economics and some political science, but I almost never worked in economics and I will stay away from politics , because there you need one of those "still minds", flat as the surface of the mirror.
    And I told you what I think about mine.

    My interest(currently) is in Psychology.
    Large number of other subjects are within the range of my interest/curiosity, but the one I feel most serious about is Psy.

    So, you make your judgement.

    Good luck and take care.


    [This message was edited by E. on March 11, 2004 at 07:52 PM.]


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      Thank god ... finally I got the answer I have been asking for a while...

      Well E ...

      I like to read ur views, even though I don't agree with them lot of times ...but that's ok...coz this is discussion board and we look at things from different point of views...

      I don't judge anybody... if u want me to make a judgment then I would rather do in e mail but not on this board...and I bet ... if u will talk honestly ... u will agree on 8 out of 10...

      I don't have any fight with you so be assured .... In fact I appreciate ur views ... it has nothing to do with me agreeing with them....

      Good to know abt various levels of consciousness in ur replies.... Now here I can give some real good info / points but not on board....if u wanna know...u got to e mail me... yeah u r right abt taking time.... I always see...u never reply right a way even if u read post .... Well I don't care abt spellings and grammar ... I reply as soon as I read and when I have time...

      But very often I also notice that others have even more imperfections,flaws, "turbulence" and their stubborn unwillingness to prove me the opposite stirs up my mind and the result is well known to some members of this forum.

      No one wants to prove u wrong...take that wrong idea out of ur mind...if we hold different views and discuss on it...doesn't make proving somebody wrong...everyone has a right to express their thoughts and view as long as its done in a proper way...

      Also, for future reference, don't expect to get balanced/calm replies from me if you get them too quick.

      don't worry... I don't expect anything from anyone...if I agree with reply...I say agreed... if I don't feel to post... I ignore...or I reply if I feel like doing so... I reply the same way in same pattern with various frequencies ....

      So finally u wanted to provide services related to psychology as I assume ... it's a very noble and kind thought but place is not right... I m involved in it too for long time...but my interest is much more in medical psychology and psychiatry ... of course without human psychology u cant do a thing in previous ones ... this is the only reason I got interested in last part of ur post but nothing else... I am not keen to write abt myself ...but I have given enough info when I was asked and u can read that in previous posts ....

      Take care and wish u all the best...Pasha


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