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Divorce before issuance of conditional greencard

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    no one should hit a woman even if she hits you first. Especially if you have kids with a woman.

    On the other hand the woman should not take advantage of being a mother against the man in any way.


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      Odd comment, indeed, Marasmus. I don't think that gender figures into it at all. No one should inflict violence upon anyone, woman, man or otherwise. Must be a cultural thing.
      The above is simply an opinion. Your mileage may vary. For immigration issues, please consult an immigration attorney.


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        I dont know why you think thats an 'odd' comment.

        If you have ever been in a situation with the woman ALLEGING that the man hit her, you will know that police usually go with what the woman says. Woe unto the man if the man is the immigrant.

        Unless theres something about the woman that really stands out eg they know her record or the guy has been VERY hurt in the altercation, police always go with the woman.

        I dont know whether you are male or female,but thats a fact many men learn the hard way.

        With excellent women from other countries, I dont see why men get kids with some American women.

        While women from other countries appreciate marriage for just that, American women are more into playing threats and blackmailing the man especially when there is an issue like kids or immigration on the woman's side.

        Men married to American women remember this, maybe one day you will see what I was saying..I hope it wont be too late to redeem yourself.


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          not once have i used my child against my ex ... tho like you, he thinks i am. i am her SOLE provider so when he wants me to drop everything last minute for visitation during the hours i work, i can't. that's the only problem with my child that we've had ... everything else he has demanded from me as well (money mostly). and no, i don't think my child will resent what i have done once she sees the police reports, the documents, the text/emails that this mean person has done to me. where i have done what i can to accomidate him, in return, i have received nothing. i was adopted. and not a day goes by where i resent what my mother did to leave the abusive dead beat sperm donor (my so called father). after all these years, not once has he tried to pay any child support nor made any effort to contact me ... do i care? nope, anyone can be a sperm donor, but i think it takes a man to be a father! which is what my boyfriend is great at doing with my child.

          she should not have hit you and vice versa. but it does seem kinda odd that even after that she still went to the interview with you. does she still want you around to help raise your child? sounds like you have many issues to resolve!


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            You hate American women even more after reading Newbam post? Well, as an American woman and Newbam's friend, it has been my observation that most men who hate women do so because they can't get a woman and I don't see how you could come to your conclusion about Newbam based on what you read. I can assume you she is a wonderful woman. She was trying to be nice to Turkman by telling him what she has experienced . Why would you assume she is bad because she is no longer supporting her ex? Maybe your mother didn't love you, you are sexually frustrated or whatever. If you hate American women, just go back to wherever it is that you came from and mate with the good women of the world, or can't you get one of those women either?

            Oh and by the way, American woman have a name for men like you, we call you son-of-*****.


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              Im So So Sorry I wish God Bless YOu


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                Unfortunately, mixing immigration issues with marital and family issues is not a healthy mix. Having immigration issues adds to the difficulty of marriage and makes you have to consider things other than just the marriage when marriage is enough all by itself! Add a child into that mix and it gets way too complicated. But it takes two to make one and one parent should not be allowed to not support their child. If a couple is not married anymore why should the affidavit of support be kept in place? Our immigration system needs changes, that is for sure.


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                  Bigdum b a s s,
                  What makes you think I cant get a woman? I never had a problem getting females just for whats between their legs, just in case you want to know.

                  Just because American women are known to use kids as bargaining chip for everything from immigration to extorting money, that doesnt mean that men who can beat these women to the game are any of those things you said.

                  I dont understand why men have kids with women they dont know welll esp being an American woman.


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                    Still learning,
                    What you say is correct.

                    But some American women are notorious for using anything they can againt men, when things dont work out.

                    Men should be extremely careful before having kids with some American women that they dont know well.

                    Ask men who are paying child support, money than never even helps their children, or men being blackmailed by American women on immigration and any other matters, and they will tell you as much.

                    I wish all men can explore women from other cultures before hooking up with some American women.

                    Women from other cultures usually appreciate marriage more as opposed to the money or immigration vengeance they can get of men. Most American women are material, just after men's money and anything else they can shake off them.


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                      i agree with you, to and EXTENT, that *some* women use men. weather any of these people are USCs or not! i see many women who use men, which is usually the norm, and i don't agree with it. i see women v men and viceversa with child visitations ... "jimmy came back with a bruise on his leg" only to see it's barely noticable ... kids get bruises! now if jimmy kept coming back with large bruises or broken bones, i'd be concerned. but both mom and dad will do this pathetic bickering (tit for tat) Bullsh!t all the time and waste taxpayers money.

                      i agree that BOTH parties should invest time with each other to make sure this person is "The One", which is what i thought my ex and I had done ... but sometimes, with time and possibly change of culture, people change. being lazy, no wanting to get a job, verbal (mental??) abuse was not on my list. and this is why we are not together today (thank god!)
                      i think StillLearning said it pretty well, mixing immigration with children doesn't mix well ... im sure if i didn't have my child (which i love to pieces!!) the ex would have left already.

                      regarding the 'material' comment, many of my USC girlfriends are hard working women with hard working boy/f or hubbys, yes they have nice things because they can affored it not because they have a sugar daddy or mooch of a guy. the women you are talking about give both me and my hard working girl/f a bad name .... as you appear to be an example of this belief. by no means did that last commment meant to be hurtful, but just a comment of observation


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                        Its hard to tell who is a user and who is not.

                        I think 90% of all American women are gold-diggers, out to shake off men either from immigration or having a child and blackmailing them with child support. Granted, its hard for these women to keep a man unless they keep him under threats of 'I will do this to you if you leave me and so on'.Or I will get you deported blah blah blah...

                        Whether you are in that 10% or not, I dont know, but you can see the probability. Theres a 10% chance you could be one of the rare ones.The trick with knowing who falls into this category lies in the fact that women only will bring up the threats when things go south.When things are nice, you would not even suspect that these women could hurt a fly.They will put on a smokescreen and only unleash their true nature when they have all cards stacked up in their favor.

                        I think the challenge is on men to choose women wisely. Especially when the women are America to begin with.

                        Once you are in their trap, these women know the system well and they will play it well for the next 18 years and your life as a man who would like to move on with life, get another woman and other kids will be ruined!!! Because they trapped you into having a baby with them years ago!

                        Men watch out for these American women, before you are IN THE TRAP!!!!


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                          you obviously got hurt by an american woman because she told you the truth about your small d i c k. Lighten up need to channel your energy into growing that second brain cell.

                          As for American women, they are without doubt the best in the world, followed closely by those Irish lasses.

                          Turkman, I thought that once you have been approved for your conditional green card, you spouse cannot withdraw her sponsorship. A physical green card can take months to arrive which is why they give you an I-551 stamp in your passport. You will only have to worry about filing a waiver for your I-751


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