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    Nice to have you on board,

    Please do not take any notice if some people are morons on this site, the majority of us are people with problems trying to help and support each other

    I belong to another forum as well , which you may like to vist

    Any chance you could encourage tier 2 people to join?


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      Dear Marmaduk and USCIS-CSR,

      Thank you for the suggestion on FOIA. I had considered that, but wasn't sure my situation fit the criteria. I'll give it a shot anyway. There is no I-130, only I-129 for fiance visa. After he arrived and we married, I submitted I-485,, I-765 and I-864. He was scheduled for biometrics for I-485 and I-765 in May, which he completed. The I-765/EAD was approved and last info I knew of on I-485 and I-864 was an interview was scheduled for September and then cancelled. I hope the cancellation was due to my correspondence, but I cannot be sure of that. To my knowledge, my ex has never updated his address with USCIS, the last info avaialbe online says written correspondence was returned as undeliverable by the post office. I'm a bit puzzled by this since he did complete a change of address with the post office and on his driver's license.

      My therory is that he has filed a new petition with his new wife and simply left the one with me in limbo. I hope the USCIS will cross reference the new with the old and see that he is clearly using marriage as a means for obtaining immigration benefit. Well, I could go on and on, but basically I would sleep better at night if I knew his condinued stay here in the US was not based on me.


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        He can't adjust through a new marriage, since he entered on a K1.
        The above is simply an opinion. Your mileage may vary. For immigration issues, please consult an immigration attorney.


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          I know he can't adjust through new marriage. What I don't know is if he can obtain another EAD through his new marriage.

          I know I have no control over him or the USCIS, but it just bothers me that he is still here when the immigration law clearly states he must return home. I have been fortunate not to run into him and I'm thankful for that. However, I hate knowing he lives so close by and I hate feeling like I can't go to places I used to go because of him. Call me self absorbed, but that doesn't seem fair.

          Anyway, thanks for the information. It does make me feel better to hear what I think I know coming from others.


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            Deserted us already?


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              Probably because you asked him too many questions. Quit chasing people away.


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                Odd. Isn't answering queries a CSR's function?


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                  A CSR's main function is to pander to a common assumption that an apperance of authority is an indicator of competence. This allows them to then further blur dictates with confusion and apathy. A smug nod to the "ruduction in paperwork act" gives them satisfaction that the mission has indeed been accomplished.


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