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    Hello, are you really with the USCIS? Can we bombard you with questions?

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    Hello, are you really with the USCIS? Can we bombard you with questions?


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      bombard away but do so gently...I take close to 125 calls per day so by the end of the day I'm kind of beat.

      I actually joined the board in hopes of making my job easier and help those that call us by providing them with the information they need BEFORE they pick up the phone.

      Later I plan on posting a breakdown of info you need to have on hand when you call and some insight in what to expect


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        Interesting, are you tier 1 or tier 2?


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          tier 1...and before you say anything, judging from some of the horror stories I hear from folks that have spoke with immigration officers, I know a hell of a lot more than least the info that we are quoting is current and directly from the CIS rule book


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            More knowledge is always a good thing and there're plenty of competent CSR out there. Thank you again for taking the time to help others navigate this endless maze called immigration


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              If USCIS-CSR is Tier 1, he/she would not be employed by USCIS. Isn't that correct USCIS-CSR?


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                What is tier 1 and tier 2?


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                  Swiss, technically you are correct. We are contracted TO USCIS...we still play by their rules and still go thru the mandatory DHS background check and provide the CIS info as given to us by them.

                  As for Aridza:
                  Tier 1 is the primary point of contact for all USCIS immigration questions. We are made up of folks that answer primary questions only, specialist questions only and those like me that answer everything under the sun.

                  Tier 2 agents are actual immigration officers that we can transfer people to when they have a question that is outside of the realm of knowledge that we have available. Needless to say, we don't transfer very many callers to Tier 2 and we definitly won't do it just because someone says they want to be.


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                    Welcome to the Board. It will be nice to have someone such as yourself explain the 1-800 number issues.

                    As a USC, I'm not entitled to information about my ex-husband's AOS case and while I understand this to a certain degree, I feel since the AOS is based on his marriage to me, which ended in divorce (I visited the USCIS office to withdraw the affidavit of support) I should be able to get some form of written documentation stating the affidavit of support was withdrawn. I feel in this particular situation the petition should be considered joint and I should be given piece of mind by knowing I will not be responsible for him.


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                      bigdummy, have you tried filing FOIA against USCIS?


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                        good call marmaduk! BD, file a G-639 Freedom of Information/Privacy Act Request. Other than that, your best hope would be an infopass appointment to go to local office in person to see if they can provide any documentation (good luck on that one though)


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                          So Tier 1 PGS? Tier 2 USCIS?


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                            That's my understanding. Pearson's contract lasted till 2007.


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                              tier 1 is now pearson, tessada, and datatrac. the contract is currently open for bid. what they are looking for is a two company partnership to handle the call volume.


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