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  • WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO.............

    now the special registration is over.........what will happen to the people who were supposed to register, but never did, happen if they apply for a greencard??

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    now the special registration is over.........what will happen to the people who were supposed to register, but never did, happen if they apply for a greencard??


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      I hope one of the experts comments on this....


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        instant denial of the benefit since they didn't register when they were supposed to.

        -= nav =-


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          just "sit and wait" and it will turn out to be unconstitional anyway.... but if you're a terrorist, boy will we be frying your arse... ;-P


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            I don't think anyone knows the answer to this question!
            Sweet Madame Belu


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              I guess it would delay your process because they will wonder why you did not register. BCIS will perform additional checks and this might delay. I don't think that it might affect it to the extent of denying the I-551 (I might be wrong). You must have a good reason to have missed registration. This was a very important measure for homeland security.


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                ghost? what is i-551?

                well, my reason for not registering is because i find out too late. .... i mean its not like the ins doesnt know of my existence in the u.s....... my wife applied i-130 for they have my info. anyway...hope it doesnt get me in trouble.


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                  if you can avoid the registration, and there are no repercussions -- then what would've been the incentive to go to it?

                  I think right at the beginning of the registration, the INS declared that those who choose not to register will be in essence, breaking imm. laws and will hurt them in the future if they ever encounter the INS. I know one story of someone who didn't register, tried to re-enter with a *valid* visa, and was detained.

                  -= nav =-


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                    I went to special registration with my husband. As I understand it, you had to go. It was the law at the time and now I think if you did not go, this may be a problem. Even if press release from yesterday states that they are not continuing this, it was, at that time, obligatory or threat of deportation. As I understand it there was alot of controversary about INS failure to ensure widespread notice of this requirement. So, they may go easy on you but just having your information on file is not enough. We were only a couple of months from receiving final AOS when we went. I would say contact the INS or review website. Good Luck!


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                      Forgot: Very important - just filing does not give you status. My husband had been F1 then out of status, then we filed. Nevertheless, when we got to INS, they stated he was out of status. Luckily I went to registration with him because they decided to interview me since I was there - "what kind of cigs we smoke,etc..." this was to weed out terrorism yet they asked me more questions than at AOS interview. AOS = no questions. I don't get it but that's the way they handled it.


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