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To Mr. Sammy, Umesh, Mohan....or anyone else who is knowledgable please help me with my urgent concern!!!

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    To Desperate

    I've got approval for permanent resident based on my I130 F1
    preference at Local BCIS office and also got the temporary card
    valid for 1 year while waiting for the actual PR card to be processed.
    I'm going to withdraw the other I485 based on PL 106.429 which
    is still pending at Nebraska Service Center.
    Good luck to you and hope you will get your approval soon.



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      To Guest:

      Congratulations on your becoming a permanent resident!!! As of today, I am still waiting to hear from the INS about my I-485 application based on the new PIP Indochinese law. However, a friend of mine already got her approval notice for Indochinese I-485 application. Hope that I will get it soon!

      I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.


      Desperate!!! or rather Hopeful now????


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        To Desperate

        I receive my PR card today about a week after
        I received welcome letter from Nebraska Service
        Did you get your approval or still waiting?.
        Don't worry because I actually was interviewed
        on my I130 on Nov, 2002 and have to wait for security clearance check and was approved on May
        29, 2003. It takes more than 6 months to get the check done!!!!.
        If the INS officer has not received the positive repsonse from the check, the petition won't be granted. It doesn't matter which category of AOS you are in, the check must be done, that is the policy.
        You never know how long it's going to take for the check, sometimes it's a couple of weeks and sometimes it takes 6 months like my case.

        Good luck to you and hope you will get your approval soon.



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          hello Guest,

          Thank you for keeping me updated! As of now, I am still waiting to hear from the INS. I have not received a "Welcome letter" yet. What is that letter anyway? Could you tell me what it says in that letter? Does it mean that your green card application, which was applied under the new PIP law, has been adjucated? Please keep me informed! Once again, thank you for your time.



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            Hi Desperate

            The welcome letter from Nebraska Service Center is a letter that will be sent when the form I181
            (creation of record for PR - the actual PR card processing) is processed. This will tell you that the actual card has been processed and will be mailed to you within 3 weeks.
            You usually only get that letter when your I485 application is processed at the local INS office.
            As I told you before, I got the approval based on my I130 F1 preference at the local INS office not with the pending I485 at Nebraska for the PIP law. I got the local interview on Nov 2002
            and had to wait about 6 months for security clearance. If you got lucky then the clearance process
            takes about couple of weeks or a month or if you are not lucky it may take 6 months.
            Without the clearance, no officer is allowed to approve any case even if everything else are done.
            Your case may still stuck with the clearance process. The clearance process is very complicated and involves multiple agencies( the FBI, the CIA, the INS, the consular and IRS).
            FBI for criminal and terrorist clearance, CIA to see if you are on watch list, the IRS to see if you worked without authorized or claimed to be non-US resident to avoid paying tax...consular for criminal record oversea....
            If any of these get a hit (base on name and DOB) then you stuck there for how long only God knows.
            A lot of Vietnamse people have the same name so don't be surprised that your clearance process may take longer than the others. Just go to "" and type in your name and see how many of your name can be found on the internet and assume that an officer on any of these agencies types in your name in the database and voila your name is there. Then they have to use your other biological to check that the person in the list is not your. This secondary check is sometimes time consuming.

            In your case filed with the Nebraska service center, the notice of approval will be sent to you and told you to go to the local office to get I89 done (this form used to collect your signature
            and right index finferprint) and to get the temporary proof if you want.
            After that I89 will be sent back to Nebraska and the process of the PR card will begin. Your
            I181 will be created based on the I89 and your PR card will be mailed to you when the card is ready.

            Post here if you got your approval.



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              Hello Guest,

              Thank you for your meticulous explanation. And yes, I promise to pose when I get approved. Have a nice day, Guest!!!



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