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White Female, get the hell out of here, you're a racist!At least keep it to yourself , don't show everyone what a racist you are!

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  • White Female, get the hell out of here, you're a racist!At least keep it to yourself , don't show everyone what a racist you are!

    White Female, get the hell out of here,
    you're a racist!At least keep it to yourself , don't show everyone what a racist you are!

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    White Female, get the hell out of here,
    you're a racist!At least keep it to yourself , don't show everyone what a racist you are!


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      But it sounds like you may be more racist than what I have ever thought to be, or I feel this would not have offended you.

      I am only here to help when I can, not to hurt others as you have done to me, even though I understand what you are trying to say.

      I will consider using another ID because I do respect and honor others feelings and opinions.

      I really am sorry if I have offended you!

      Thanks for sharing.

      God Bless!


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        TO to white female and to white female aka racist :

        You are really so mean minded that you can not differenciate betweet a friend and a foe. You just saw her ID and never saw her good heart. She has been on this Board for a long time and been helping others and praying for them. You are just showing your immaturity. You have no sense to judge others. You just judge a person from color. All white people are not bad or racist and you can claim that all colored people like you and me are good.
        White female represents majority of Americans who feel sympathy with the immigrants because they know their roots that their forefathers also came from other countries. Very few Americans are racist and they are in minority, that is why the United States has always been receptive to immigrants. No doubt after 9/11 some sentiments have changed but for that we can not blame them alone.
        White female is really a asset to this board. By using this ID she is giving us support and want to tell us that not all whites are against immigrants. She does not deserve these remarks.
        White Female, we really appreciate your guidance and sympathies from you kind heart.
        Please do not change your ID ever. This ID represents true sentiments of Americans.
        God bless you and your family always.


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          I truly want to thank both of you for your understanding and your support of me.

          I really do feel bad and hurt that I may have offended others and because of this, it is now very hard for me to use this ID, but then yet, not knowing how to let others know that I am not racist. I am proud of what I believe in and that is, I don't see color, I can only feel from the heart of others.

          Maybe I will use that ID, "One Heart" because when White Female does post, it truly is from the heart. I have learned not to judge others because a person never quite understands what the other person might have been through or may be going through at this moment and time of his/her life.

          I have seen too many people mistreated for their sex, race, color, stamina, looks, and for so many other reasons that I just could not do this to another person myself. I have looked into too many peoples eyes and felt their hurt so deep down inside that I know it will leave a great impact on them for the rest of their lives. I felt their hurt and pain.

          Even though I have seen many cruel and hurtful posts on here, I still feel for everyone. Why? Because we all have only "One Heart" and I know I will always treat it with kindness and respect.

          Thank you again and God Bless To All of You!


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            One heart, are you single?


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              To One Heart:
              You are not one heart in fact you are big heart. You just changed your ID because some people started bashing your ID. You cared about others and sacrificed your own identity which you had cherished and people on this board had loved and were blessed with your prayers.
              Your other ID had represented sentiments of majority of good people in this great country. You have always been a blessing to this board. I remember somebody had commented by comparing you with Mother Teresa.
              We will always miss you White Female on this board.
              God bless you and your family always.


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                Your words have just touched my heart. You are the man with the Big Heart. Always so willing to give so much of your time and wisdom to this board and never, I mean never, have I ever seen you post one bad comment to anyone.

                Others will still know who I am and in the meantime I will also not offend others. No matter what ID I go under, I will always be the same person with the same "One Heart."

                Thank you for your blessings and your kind thoughts from the bottom of my heart.

                You truly are a Good Man!

                "May God Always Shield and Protect You and Your Loved Ones From All Harm!"


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