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Our interview is tomorrow!

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  • Our interview is tomorrow!

    Hi everyone!

    Our interview is tomorrow afternoon.

    Thanks for all your help. Please say a prayer for us and keep your fingers crossed.

    I'm organizing all our paperwork tonight. Any last minute tips would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hi everyone!

    Our interview is tomorrow afternoon.

    Thanks for all your help. Please say a prayer for us and keep your fingers crossed.

    I'm organizing all our paperwork tonight. Any last minute tips would be greatly appreciated.


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      Good luck . All the best and at last!


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        Good luck..Please tell what you timeline is? When did u apply, what center? when did u go for finger prints?

        This is a reminder: Take bank statements, wedding pictures, life insurance, Medical and dental insurance, mortgage or rent slips, tax returns for 3 years, Birth certificates etc....BEST WISHES


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          Have confidence in yourself at Interview. God willing everything will be okay. Will be waiting for good news tomorrow.
          Good luck.


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            Good luck.
            Hope you have all the docs discussed previously.


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              It's 1:00 a.m., still not done!


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                Give us the good news, josephine.....
                I hope everything went well..And "you were always on my mind"....And congratulations in advance....

                How long did the interview last?

                What kind of questions did they ask?

                Was the INS officer polite / nice enough or should we go kick his butt for you?

                Did you get the passport stamped?

                Was it stamped as "Valid for Travel" stamp?

                When is the GC coming? etc......



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                  We filed AOS (marriage to UCS) in February, Boston office. We got our approval letter on May 15. Hubby got his EAD May 16. Filed for Soc Sec # May 16, still waiting. Hubby had his fingerprints first week of June.

                  Interview was at 3 pm today. We both went into the INS lady's office and took an oath.

                  She asked for our original documents (marriage certificate, birth certificates, id's etc.), and if hubby had gone to Special Registration and for proof of same. She looked at our lease, my pay stubs, joint taxes and joint bank account. She asked about our co-sponsor's 2002 taxes, I told her they have asked for an extension until August. She seemed most interested in our ability to support ourselves.

                  She never asked to see bills or any photo's. We were never separated from each other. She left the room for 10-15 minutes. She came back in and said, "you're all set, we'll send you our decision after the background checks are in." I asked her if hubby gets his passport stamped, she said we have to wait for the letter from them, we'll get it in 2-3 months.

                  Do I assume that as long as the backgrond checks are ok, we are approved? Would she have requested additional information then if she needed it? She seems like she was in a hurry. TY guys!


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                    I forgot, the INS lady told hubby NOT TO TRAVEL as we were walking out the door.


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                      Hmmm...thats another wait. Why don't they just stamp it right there and then. All of these things are unpredictable. By the way, where your hubby from Josephine?


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                        To Josephine Schmo :
                        It seems everything went well. Since your husband was fingerprinted just couple of weeks ago, as such they have not received background check report. It shows that Immigration Officer was satisfied, now all depends on Background check. If that report comes clean then soon your husband will receive a letter and his passport will be stamped. Reason the Interviewing Officer told your husband not to travel is because they may need more information after receiving fingerprint report. Moreover, if you husband had overstayed here, then he might be denied entry in the United States and be subject to bar of 3 years or 10 years. That is the reason Interviewing Officer told him not to travel, as she seemed satisfied and confident that soon your husband's passport will be stamped for Permanent Residency and then he will have no problem to travel.
                        Good luck.


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                          Most likely the reason for the travelwarning is a combination of Special Registration and overstay.

                          People who went through SP are subject to more scrutiny although it shouldn't happen but it does.

                          Anyways congrats.


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                            How come my wife didn't get any approval letter? Should their be a letter of approval or just a notice that the INS has recieved the documents(application and supporting documents) etc!?

                            I am a US Citizen and petitioned for wife myself (I-130, I485, affidavit of support etc in 1/03, she got her EAD in 3/03, SS Card same day as EAD and was fingerprinted 4/7/03. We are waiting for the interview! She even took the medical exam to have it ready for the interview *hoping it would be soon".........

                            I am in LA....When should we expect a notice to go for an AOS interview?

                            Please comment...THANKS in advance...



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                              TY guys! We feel better now.

                              The officer forgot to ask for hubby's medical exam, we gave that to her also. She also asked if he had ever worked under phony documents.


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