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    We filed on 12/02 in Newark. FP in Jan. 03, EAD on Feb 20, and we filed for SSC the same day as EAD. SS told us 12 weeks. After waiting 12 weeks, we asked where is the card and the said that application did not get accepted into system until 4/29/03 and that we would have to wait another 12 weeks. so now it is july 25 when card is due. SS had no answers, so I had congresman get involved. He is still looking into it. koko how did you get ssc the same day you got ead? in nj, you cant get drivers license without ssc, so wife is trapped home and we cant do anything about it. congresman told me that ss sends a form to ins to check that ead that wife got is valid and id she is able to get ss card. i have never heard of such redundant efforts. ead allows you to work and get ss card, so what does ss do? they ask the ins if they are allowed to issue a ss card. this should not take this long.


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      It sounds like something went wrong with the ss process; usually that is really fast. They told us a month and he had it in 10 days.

      Koko, my hubby didn't get an approval letter before the EAD either. We submitted all the paperwork in April '01, he got the EAD and ss card the same month, we got a letter in June that the interview would be in August '01, which it was. Due to them needing more info regarding his passport (was it authentic?) they sent it to Chicago and to date we are still waiting. Had his passport not been messed up (it had glue on it and some ripped papers stuck to the back; his little brother had spilled glue in the drawer it was kept in back in Ecuador) he'd have had his GC for almost 2 years already (sigh). Only good thing is that now when he finally gets it it will be permanent already!

      Good luck


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        krys....My wife did not get the SS same day as EAD. She applied for SS the same day. She got the actual card within 3 weeks and it said " Valid for word with INS Authorization".


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          Hubby applied for SS# May 16, same day he got EAD. SS said 3-13 weeks. Still have not received SS# yet.


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            hi josephine
            how long after yr fingerprints did you get yr interview notice ? It looks that everything was fast isn't it ???


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              On May 15 we got a letter from INS with three pages. One was to pick up EAD, the other was for fingerprints the first week of June, and the third said our interview was June 24 at 3 p.m.

              I told hubby the night before we would get up at 10 am in case anything went wrong.

              Sure enough, I step on the gas, the car stalled out. Again, again, five times it stalled out. I made it around the block to park it and said forget this, let's take the train.

              Needless to say, when we got home, the car was fine. I am hoping the car sitution was some type of divine intervention. Every time my car's break down, it is in my driveway, never somewhere out in the boonies. I think I have a guardian angel.


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                i filed my papers I485 adjustment of status in newark last year november 13th 2002 and i am still waiting to recieve my interview letter. anyone who applied in newark in nov 2002 been interview ???


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                  Jay, i filed in Dec of 2002 and my interview is Aug 26 at Newark.


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                    what is expected of a background check? what kind of checks do they do? could someone please be more specific about this? thank you


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                      Josephine, I always enjoy your comments, please keep us posted on anymore progress. My fiance is originally from Pakistan also. :-) We have some possible complications so I am very worried. We can use all the prayers we can get!


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                        ty still!

                        What are the complications, if you don't mind me asking?


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                          Dear Josephine

                          We wish you every success. If anyone deserves to sail through the interview it is you and your beloved. Godd luck My thoughts will be with you tomorrow.
                          Just be charming as always. Tmorrow could be the beginning of the rest of yourlives.
                          Good luck


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                            This is an old thread. Our interview was June 24th. I dreamed our case got denied "over the phone."


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                              Josephine, our complications are:
                              1) he pled guilty to misdemeanor in '88, spent one night in jail and paid a fine. It was something stupid concerning possession of stolen property and could have been resolved but he was a poor college student at the time and took simplest, cheapest way.
                              2) he had d/s on I-94 (came here on f-1). He got bs and mba and stayed and worked. Was going to do the optional practical training, was offered much better job and took it. He thought he was doing what he was supposed to, worked, filed taxes every year (approx. 7 years), etc.
                              3) my past 3 years have been rough, employment wise and we may need help on affidavit of support, which we can get from a friend or friends of his.

                              Those are the main things. He went to Canada for work and can't get back in US due to visa being expired. If it isn't obvious by now he's one of those people who loves to work, loves what he does, and other things get shoved to the side quite often. :-) We've been going back and forth on k1 and k3, have consulted with attorneys who say bar shouldn't apply to him and then a couple of others say oh yes it will and I know a waiver is practically impossible to get since I have not been dependent on his income. I guess that's it in a nutshell. If you have any advice, pointers, etc. pleeeeeeez feel free :-)


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                                sorry still, too complicated for my poppy seed brain!


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