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AHalow I have K3 quesion

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  • AHalow I have K3 quesion

    BCIS website say I need to file K3 at Illinois, but I hear about Missouri center for processing. Which is right address please?

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    K3 petitions (I-129F for spouse, not fiancé(e)) are all processed at the Missouri Service Center (National Benefits Center, but you mail the application to the Chicago address. They take your money in Chicago and immediately deposit it into the government's coffers. The petition is then sent south for adjudication. Future correspondence can be sent to Missouri, but your initial paperwork goes to Chicago.

    The Grand Poo-Bah
    Lord Chief Justice, Master of the Buckhounds and Groom of the Back Stairs


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      Lord is exactly right. Lord, are you an attorney? I have been reading your posts, and you seem extremely knowledgeable. If you aren't, you oughta seriously consider going to law school.


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        [Lord, quick clarification: you should go to law school not because you need it (you already know what you are talking about), but because you ought to consider being a lawyer]


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          Thanks, Alex. No, I am not an attorney. I just dabble in the subject. Well, perhaps a bit more than dabble. I like to help people, and this board is my outlet to tell it straight rather than having to sugar coat everything.

          I read your posts also. You seem generally helpful and knowledgeable, unlike the shysters who appear to be on the site fishing. You and another immigration lawyer may force me to change my opinion about your kind.

          Hope UND gets back on track.

          The Grand Poo-Bah
          Lord Chief Justice, Master of the Buckhounds and Groom of the Back Stairs


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            Lord - thanks for help

            You like only 2 immigation lawyer? Mr. Halow and who else?


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              hello I am primarly completed my wife filed the I-130 and the I-129f in march do you know how long it takes to get the aproval letter or someone who does you can email me at thanks


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                I received approval from Chicago Ctr on the 129F I filed for K3 spouse within 6 weeks. My delay is now occuring at foreign embassy, trying to get an appt there for 8 months.


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                  Thanks, I appreciate it. I am obviously hoping to get some exposure by participating, so my motives are not completely pure, but I also really enjoy helping people out too.

                  I actually know a lot of good immigration attorneys, who are honest and decent people (in fact, there are more in this area of the law than many others, in my experience). I am afraid that what happens is that there are enough bad ones out there to make us all look bad. I think that a lot of the folks on here have gotten burned by the bad ones (I hope that was not your experience), which is why there is kind of a bias against lawyers generally. Problem is that, once things have gone bad, that's when you actually need an attorney the most. I guess if I can help rehabilitate peoples' opinions a little bit, that's all for the good. I am going to try to keep my advice focused on the K1 and K3 though, because that's really where I've got the most expertise.

                  Unfortunately, it doesn't look too good for my Irish at the moment. I think our offensive line is just too young (it's definitely not the quarterback's fault; he's just getting zero protection out there). Looks like its going to be a long season.
                  I'm a huge Ty Willingham fan, though, and I think we'll improve by the end of this year and be a lot better next. Our defense is actually pretty good overall; it just gets stuck on the field too long and gets tired out.


                  Alex Halow


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                    I'll defer to you on the subject of good immigration attorneys. I never get to associate with them, only the bad ones. Dealing with the problems they create takes up a substantial portion of my day.

                    What a great week end for football. And by great, I mean devastating. A friend who picks the teams by how pretty their colors are did better than I. Although I was correct with Michigan St., I'll stay clear of Vegas.

                    The Grand Poo-Bah
                    Lord Chief Justice, Master of the Buckhounds and Groom of the Back Stairs


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                      Yeah, it was pretty rough all the way around. I think I am ok with ND doing poorly this year because, frankly, we had a lot better season than we probably deserved last year.

                      Unfortunately, I can't fault you for picking Michigan State given how bad we looked weeks 1 and 2 (I know Michigan is really, really good this year, but we should have at least been able to score a few times). Oh well.

                      Again, I regret that there are some people who are so willing to take advantage of others. My own philosophy is to try to give people a reasonable fee, but I know I am still too expensive for a lot of people. Fortunately, in many cases, people really can navigate the immigration system without an attorney, though they do have to do their homework and research everything thoroughly. I am glad there are people out there like you who not only are willing to help out, but also know what they are talking about.


                      Alex Halow


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