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Indian Should Come Forward to Help USA If need arise !!!

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    I think you are still having an impression of India in late 60's and 70's. Indian's is a country with vast majority of people from different ethnic backgrounds and culture and known to tolerate each other. In fact the status of Dalits are much more better and have more meaningful reservation system for them based on their background and the system is working very well for the past so many decades. Even in advanced countries, there are always beggars and I do see many whites begging in our freeway everyday. Can this be generalized as well?

    As with many other eastern Asian countries, which are heavily populated along with the tropical climate, such epidemics and deceases are bound to be there. In fact their immune system is much better than yours and they did survive very well even during such epidemics!

    I believe you are most color conscious and want to have some company Unfortunately, no person from Indian community is going to support in your racial slur.

    Look at your universities and see how much percentage of foreign students are from India. The current work forces both in front and back in India working on various areas are highly skilled and educated. The level of grass root level education is far better over there and the number of people graduating in Science and Math every year is way more than what the US universities are doing here. The lack of further interest in the US students fuel this issue further and results in various companies moving there offices all the way around the globe to find competent people over there.

    India has 32 official languages and host of many different religious beliefs. This is the country which has a majority of Muslim population than that of any Muslim countries and we still co-exist with them peacefully. There may be some difference and issues stir up from time to time on some sensational issues, but that cannot be considered as a regular norm. Ask any of your friend who visited there about the hospitality they got and how they are accommodated. [I doubt you might have met anyone who traveled there to tell you the reality].

    Do not read in between lines and come to a conclusion and generalize things. In a huge democratic country with billions of people, differences exist, but getting resolved through various resolution processes. I am an Indian who traveled a lot not only within India and also to various other countries including US. Only here I am coming across with people like you, who start this type of racial slur. I hope you will learn from India on despite various differences in region, language, culture, ethnicity, color and economic background, how a progress can still be made. I hope you are still talking over your cell phone on the outdated network! [FYI: Outside US, GSM is the norm and your existing cell phones even don't work.] You better grow-up soon to realize the reality.



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      Originally posted by Retro-affect:

      I think you are still having an impression of India in late 60's and 70's.

      Thursday, Dec 28, 2006, The Hindu

      NEW DELHI: Inaugurating the Dalit-Minority International Conference here on Wednesday, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said it was necessary to make a distinction between the problems faced by Dalits and those by minorities. "Dalits have faced a unique discrimination in our society that is fundamentally different from the problems of minority groups in general. Untouchability is not just social discrimination. It is a blot on humanity," Dr. Singh said.

      Dr. Singh pointed out that even after 60 years of Constitutional and legal protection and State support, Dalits still faced social discrimination.


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