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I´m mexican and in love with an USC and she is really pretty, smart and perfect :)

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    TO: dev
    HI how are you i hope doing good ...

    my 180 day are almost over in like 4 1/2 weeks ... ...( not in 10 days ) and i´m so happy but i´m scared ... cuz i love my fiance so much and is really hard for me to be here alone ... i miss her a lot ... and i´m scared too cuz we are plaining to get marry in december and we are expending a lot of money .... if you are marry you know what i´m talking about
    .... we have a house there in minesota ( is where she is from ... and we have forniture i already buy a dimond for her sooo... is why i feel like that .. cuz every thing is readdy exept the papers ... i know i will have to move the day ... but you know how hard it is ..... cuz i have some family in europe and in mexico ... they have to change the tickets they got is just hard ....but i guess i have to wait ... i know the answer will be yes ... cuz we really love echother .... and it will be ok. we are good people .... haven´t ever being in trouble ... we are good boys both ...

    so what you think dev ?


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      that is why is so hard to wait ... but i will doit ... cuz it will be better doing every thing the right way

      god will help us ... cuz we are doing every think the right way .... i´m from mexico state ...
      and here is harder to wait for the papers
      is a 28 millons city people


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        To Princesita&Chiquito
        hi thats a very good thing and i will pray God for you that everything works out there....yeah i can understand you cuz i left my family behind and came to this country and its really hard without family sometimes...we just miss that but i guess this is shouldnt worry about K1 then...and its always better to wait and go legal way, cuz i know here lot of illegal people getting caught and putting them behind bar...of course no one wants that....congrats for your wedding in December and dont forget to update us about your news in this forum....once again congrats and wish you good luck....Regards...


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          deport illegal alians and brown caca faces


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