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U.S. citizen marriage abroad ??

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    J, you said you would like to work abroad for aprox 4-5 years. That's good.

    Your situation is not that difficult one. No it is not true, you are intenting Immigrant, and uscis+dos want you to get the proper visa.
    If your spouse file for you I-130 you will get your visa within three to four months time, it all depends upon you how fast you complete the documentaion requirements to get your Immigration visa.
    Once you have your visa and you travel to state during your vaction time, and you have a uscis stamped in your passport as Immigrant then it takes three months to get your Green Card that is( I-551).
    If you are working for US Company then the time you spent abroad will be counted as your resident of US.
    As long as vistor's visa, It all depend upon you and your interview with the consular officer.

    John: you wife must have received her visa before she got married, or she must have not said to the consular officer that she plan to get married/or she is married to USC. or you must have said that you are going to visit your parents, some time Consular Officer do grant visa's to the spouse of a USC, but not always,
    As far as Consular Report of Birth Abroard of a USC, as long as USC complete the Affidavit of Physical Presence in US and met the requirment of the law the child will be a USC. will recevie Consular Report of Birth and Birth Certificate from the Consular Section, and one copy will be mailed to USDOS, and you can get a certified copy of that Bith certificate at any time that becomes the permanent record of childs bith abroad, the fee is US$10.00 per copy.
    If you need more info on this subject please come back use my experience for you any time.


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      J, following is just an opinion. There is nothing much to lose if your wife applys for tourist visa. In your situation, that's the right kind of visa. Prepare documents that show ties with Venezuela (morgage, employment contract...).
      I don't think that a denial will hinder the future application for immigrant visa.

      John, to the best of my knowledge,many GC holders that for whatever reason (education, job, family..) live temporarily outside the US file taxes using foreign income exclusion (if they qualify under IRS rules). "Permanent residence" for immigration and tax purposes are defined diferently.


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