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this one for Mohan or anyone who can help...see we need you mohannnnnn

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    See now you already know what to write and file.if you would have known before then you mingt have aproval by now.. good luck


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      yes you are right Mohan..I learnt a lot from this board and thanks to you and all these nice people who share their experiences here and offer advice...
      my case has been going on for almost 5 years and i just knew that my I-130 was approved...thanks to Bushmaster lol he was talking about waiting for approval of his I-130 and I WAS wondering wht's he talking about ??? then i did my search and found out that miene was approved..that's why i fired my ex lawyer and get a new one and above all i am trying to be more involved..

      thanks to you all


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        Thank you for your post. And Mohan is right, as long as you know what you are applying for, you'll be ok. Being more involved increase your chance as well.

        Check this one.

        i-601 hardship waiver approval (06/27/00)

        Our office recently obtained a 601 hardship waiver approval, which was filed on behalf of an individual who had entered the U.S. with improper documentation. This person had married and United States citizen and had a child. The approval was granted due to the potential emotional trauma that would be caused to the child through a separation from her parent. The financial hardships to this person's spouse were also a major consideration. It is now possible for this family to stay together in the United States.


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          thankssssssss afriend i will check out this site


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            I did not check this link but i,m sure the waiver is for battered spouse based, isnt it?. Battered spouse cases aproach is different then the others.


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              It was not mentioned at all that she was a battered spouse. She was charged for fraudelent entry/misrepresentation.

              I am guessing that she was here in the US adjusting status -- which they say it's a little easier than Consular Offices.


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                The base of this case is battered spouse.if the parents are under seperation or going thru divorce or cruelty of parent/spouse etc, treated differently. Normally the illigal entry has to go back to apply where he/she will be bard to enter back but in this case, Child is USC who has psychological effect of the family situation, I am Guessing here Illigal entry is the one who have no fault, in this case INS will aprove the waiver.
                Actual reason and circumstance we will only know after reading this case.


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                  The story of this waiver is not detailed. But the last sentence promotes family unity. Like what Janet Reno said to Elian Gonzales' case, "the boy belongs to his father". I am just very hopeful that somehow, family unity is a great consideration when approving waiver. Fraudulent entry needs the i-601 waiver, I am guessing that this what they fought for. I may be wrong.


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                    I already said. we need to know actual base. its just an ad to attract clients.


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                      That's what i thought too mohan..looks like an ad to attract people...there are no details long did it take to be approved ? what are the facts ?? and it happened in 2000..ins in 2000 is not ins in 2002


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