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Josephine Schmoe is the wife of our lovely guest Bushmaster

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  • #16
    Good money? Ahahaahahahahahah!

    Can't I buy a used RV for around $2000? Maybe we can save up enough change by then.

    Probably look like a Pakistani Mammy Wagon!


    • #17
      You do like "everything" made in Pakistan, do you?


      • #18
        Just hubby!


        • #19
          What's "immi2US"? Everyone needs to see Mt. Rushmore...


          • #20
            "" but the photo's aren't there now, so you can't see the smarter, good looking people.

            Josephine - The mammy wagon, are those the very colourful buses with the bells and whatnot on? -cool!
            Hope that one day you and hubby are able to make that trip to see Mr & Mrs Bushmaster.


            • #21
              Yeah! Those are the busses, all decorated.

              I think they use them more in Northern Pakistan to get to K2.

              I wanna hear the B-man rock God play guitar!


              • #22
                My hubby plays guitar too, get yours to start strumming too and they can start a band! A fleet of "mammy wagons" as tour buses - LOL


                • #23
                  I play keyboards and sing like a Dude! Hubby can snap his fingers really loud and whistle. I think he can drum to. I let him play with my drumsticks.

                  My range and voice are a mix of Axl Rose, Robert Plant, and Janis Joplin. I can harmonize with almost anyone, though my range is alto.

                  I can also do falsetto's and mimic opera. It's probably funny to hear me sing all parts of "Bohemian Rhapsody".

                  Listen to the song "Seagull" by Bad Company. That is the closet song to my natural voice.

                  I either sing Chris Isaaks "Wicked Game", Guns n Roses "Sweet Child O' Mine, or Pearl Jam's "Black" at Karaoke. That's how low my voice is.

                  I have 8 or 9 songs composed. Just music, I don't do words.

                  We have a money maker here! They'll freak out when the find out the lead singer is really a chick. We'll have to do a Milli Vanilli though, 'cause I am one fugly beee atch!


                  • #24
                    Can we paint the busses like the Partridge Family? Different color scheme though.

                    What will we name the band?

                    Wish we had a chat room here!


                    • #25
                      So you want to hear how I play?

                      Download these;



                      The rhythm guitar in the second one is played by the comp, so it may sound like a little bit different since it's MIDI.
                      SEMPER VIPER / Army Strong!


                      • #26
                        I can't sing to save my life! So you will be lead singer on keyboards, seen your pic too so I know you're not ugly. My hubby plays keyboards too and drums (after a fashion)! but he's more of a blues and j*** man.
                        Well it's a truly international group, Two Americans, A Pakistani, A Turk? & a Brit at the moment until your hubby, Bushmaster & me get our USCships. I used to work in a museum making historical costumes and sew a lot anyway so I can do wardrobe. As for a name I'm stumped at the moment, but colourful buses for sure. Haven't listened Bushmaster's tunes yet


                        • #27
                          It's J A Z Z, is that an unacceptale word, who spells A** with zzz's ?!


                          • #28
                            So sorry, I forgot to include the lovely Mrs. Bushmaster - Perhaps she can be the manager!
                            I think we're good to go, Josephine you can do the finances too right?

                            Hey, who knows maybe one day we can get all get together you can jam!


                            • #29
                              I try to write in all styles, I LOVE blues and j***. My first song was a bolero, written five years before Santana came out with "Smooth." There hasn't been a bolero before that since Steely Dan did "Do it Again." Santana has totally mess up my life. I

                              I'll listen to those MP3's tonight after hubby goes to work. I am being vewwy vewwy quiet.

                              Finances? Haven't got a clue, that's Mrs. B-man's job!

                              Do you guys have Paltalk, we can have a private chat room and even talk one at a time, B-man can jam for us! Or have an open chat, B-man can moderate and boot people out. I am so bored, come on guys! J, I can't post anything at the other site, it's an AOL glitch, that's why I hang here.


                              • #30
                                Hey! My j a z z got r***ed! I guess j a z z is a swear!


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