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Expert's Help Needed VWP and Removal Proceedings!

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    You are almost there it all looks that you will be filing jointly.

    Are you under the jurisdiction of TSC?


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      Yes aguila...I m almost there but after knowing every sides and possibilities of this matter...I am all in hurry and little bit worried... can't wait till I send my I - 751...coz i know there is a big wait right before me after knowing about you guys...most people come to this board when they get problem or already in proceeding...but worst thing in my case...I came to this board almost 7-8 months ago it's kind of frustarating and scary after knowing all this...can't patience My service center is TSC and will try not to change it so trying my best to get residency somewhere in south...after knowing about VSC...don't wanna show up even around NYC...

      yes I m filing jointly but u never know...I wont do anything bad or harm but if she ever does and not understand my effords for her family's good then i won't give up till last breathe...hope everything will be ok....Best thing is I m not alone...I got you guys as my we can keep eachothers hope up Good Night...Pasha

      [This message was edited by Pasha Patel on December 12, 2003 at 01:27 AM.]


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        You have the right to appeal your permanent residency case upto Supreme Court of United States of America. Your VWP entry has nothing to do with this permanent residency case. Instead, VWP applies to non-immigrant visas cases only, i.e. suppose you come here under VWP and INS catches you being overstaying or working without permission, then they will deport you right away without putting you on deportation proceeding in front of IJ. But if someone enters United States on non-immigrant visa [and not on VWP], then INS just don't deport them, instead place them in front of IJ. You are okay to appeal your case as far as you would like to take it. Good Luck.


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