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    Board security is increased.more user friendly
    Its the same, nothing changes.
    worse! It is filled with more garbage.many unrelated topics
    moderator still don't have control
    Its a discussion, not a legal advise..

  • #2 is better than it was in past


    • #3
      This board needs a moderator like on other sites.... I have been trying to tell Jo is the best choice for this.... but webmasters don't read probably this board that much...

      Sure they did some very good changes like you cant fool people around with similar identity with difference of I and L .... But still if webmaster doesn't have time to visit this board . In that case they should make someone moderator here who can look after this board.... I hope they read this and do something about it ..... Pasha


      • #4
        As a TRUE American, I say that I OBJECT to censorship. I find it ironic that the immigrants here are trying to stop free speech. They came from places where censorhip is the norm to live in a free country and then they complain that other people should be censored !


        • #5
          Do you think that inappropriate posts, such as the ones that were made about you and then deleted, should be allowed to be made?


          • #6
            There is a great difference between opinions (where in my opinion there is NO right or wrong) and discriminating and racial remarks who have nothing whatsoever to do with immigrationissues.

            As a true American you should know than that these discriminating and racial remarks are no part of the true meaning of this great country.

            This being said, I have to agree with Pasha Patel about this site. Those were exactly the same issues that bugged me and probably the main reason why we started out own discussionboard.

            I don't mean to brag but it was quite a coincidence that after announcing the creation of our site on this forum that the first overhaul of the ILW forum was done by making registration mandatory before you could post.

            We now have decided to go on with our site after the first trial year and made some changes to it and once again about 1 week later this new overhaul is being made.

            Once again, I don't mean to brag but it seems to much of a coincidence to me but that's just my opinion.

            [This message was edited by xandtrick on February 06, 2004 at 07:58 AM.]
            I am not a lawyer nor do I claim to be one so please double-check any information given by me, or anyone else for that matter, with a certified (immigration)lawyer before you take any further steps.


            • #7

              You don't understand meaning of my reply... so it's useless to discuss anymore.... No one is trying to put ban on posts or some kinda censorship ... but lot of people do nothing but make similar IDs and play all those school games ... and that kinda activities should be banned .... Anybody wants to give their opinion .... They should give under their own ID... if there is freedom of speech .... All those different IDs childish games are making this board worse than ever ... have a great day...Pasha


              • #8
                You can insult this board, but I love it !!! Everyone has a right to free speech including the racists ! You are the same people that are willing to give free speech to terrorists so deal with it !


                • #9
                  Michael ...

                  No one is insulting this board... I saw some posts by you on britishexpats .... We are just giving opinion to make this board even better ... I love this board too ... and no one is giving free speech to terrorist at all...they should be killed and no other mercy is there for people .... Who takes lives of innocent people ... Pasha


                  • #10
                    As long as a poster is not insulting another poster or is threatening anyone, I don't see why this board should be moderated. I think it's great that we see a wide variety of opinions, both pro and con. After all this is democracy and there's a little thing called the Constitution which guarantees people the right to express their opinions freely.


                    • #11
                      That's true NYCImmParalegal,

                      Moderator should be here only for those people who got nothing to do but play some childish games by creating similar IDs ... both pro and con opinions are must here ... otherwise there would be no discussion if everything goes in one direction .... Have a great day... Pasha


                      • #12
                        Hey Michael

                        Do you realize that Caesar is 3,764 days old?


                        • #13
                          Irritated2, or as I like to refer to you, "deke-man"

                          Noticed you have been too quiet lately. What have you tired of your own spurious posts?


                          • #14

                            [This message was edited by on February 08, 2004 at 12:06 AM.]


                            • #15
                              Fact is "deke", that I have been rather preoccupied with more pressing things. What sleeping "dogs" would you be referring to, anyway?

                              That's plain English, no fancy words here. If you don't have a "deke-ctionary", I suggest you get one!

                              If you are who you claim you are, you of all people would know that I wouldn't run of with Sammy. I've got better fish in sea!

                              Yes, I'll take of the gloves - if you'll take off the mask. Dare ya!


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