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    to Tim,

    we had our interview more than a year ago. during the last year we called the ins national service and did a status inquiry(no answer), we went to local office three times and did the status inquiry(again no answer. just hearing the case is pending), we changed our lawyer and asked another one to do a stauts inquiry for 150 dollars. after two months sh called and said our case is in fraud unit.


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      deport illegal aliens


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        does every second interview mean that the case is in fraud unit? I mean if the first inerview is not successful, do they send all cases to the fraud unit for the second interview or only some of them are interview in the fraud unit and some in an ordinary unit?


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          Well, since my AOS interview is based on family petition, not marriage based, I don't think my case will have to go to a fraud unit. But I am just wondering why I have to wait so long.



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            We spoke with our lawyer last night, who also received a copy of the letter we did. She sees it as good news; that if they were planning to deny they would have already. She believes once we update with current info as requested they will approve quickly. She also said refingerprinting is normal as fingerprints are only valid for 18 months (heck if I know why since they never change unless you burn them off but who am I to question the process...) Anyway, we are feeling relieved.

            Tim, I think everything just takes a *******' long time - wish there was a more scientific reason for it. Like you, we thought it was taking a long time after three months also - if we had known that 2 YEARS later we would stil be waiting I think we'd have fainted. And the recent focus on specific countries in lieu of terror threats has added to the regular delay caused by bureaucracy and outdated systems. Best of luck.


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