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Pending K3 Visa Approval @ Mumbai Consulate

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  • Pending K3 Visa Approval @ Mumbai Consulate

    I am USC married to Indian Natl. Both my 130 & 129 were approved & forward to Mumbai for processing 4/03. In the interim, spouse has turned in packet 3 forms (with originals by mistake) received it back without explicit instructions, and then returned packet 3 08/03. Ive checked consulate website and spouse still not scheduled for visa appt in 10/03 (they post in advance for nxt months). I'm really getting pissed @ this delay in Mumbai, they dont respond to emails, its not realistic to call India & I dont know what else to do. Should I write my congressman? Hire a lawyer? Or am I just being impatient? Havent seen my spouse since I left India 2/03. Any advice would be welcome. Thanks

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    Does your spouse have any American friends that could go to the consulate? They seem to be much more receptive to the Americans you could probably get some answers. Good luck.


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      Thanks Billie. The only problem is that Mumbai consulate handles his case, but he lives in Calcutta, which is 2 hours by plane. My spouse has not really shared this whole visa adventure with friends/co-workers due to the fact that his job would be in jeopardy. Do you think its premature of me to secure an attorney?


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        Julie, I'm sorry it's so inconvenient for your spouse. I am certainly no expert on these visas, but from what I understand, they take months to process - some up to 2 years so, unfortunately, you probably are jumping the gun a little. If I were you I would try to get some information on visa processing times and see if yours is in the "normal" range, as I suspect. It's so difficult for all of us who are separated from those we love. I hope this is helpful. Take care


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          Julie: If your spouse lives in Calcutta, then he should go to Calcutta Consulate. any way he might be useing Mumbai address.
          Try this name at Consular Section. Ms.De souza,in ACS.


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            No Sab, Mumbai has jurisdiction over residents of Calcutta. The Calcutta embassy only handles limited functions, and not for handling indian national visa's, from what i'm told. In any event, Chicago BCIS forwarded the case to Mumbai per their protocol.


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