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illegal information question continued...

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  • illegal information question continued...

    what I meant to ask, was whether this website is monitored by the government, ie. FBI at any time?

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    what I meant to ask, was whether this website is monitored by the government, ie. FBI at any time?


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      Do you think they would post and tell everyone?


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        Good grief, some people are really paranoid. Bottom line is they may or might not be monitoring, but you'll never know. Just like an average person will never know if someone else is tapping your phoneline or sniffing your internet packet or reading your email.


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          Guys, during Special Registration, I wondered the same thing. I was wicked paranoid.
          Sweet Madame Belu


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            the FBI is monitoring websites.. yep they arent very busy catching real crooks. They sit around & pounch on child molesters, internet scammers, p-o-r-n downloaders, blue collar criminals and computer hackers (oh yeah and all them nigerians who have a dead relative with tons of money in the bank and need you for help in getting it from the govt.. shhhh) i think if they rounded them all up in one fell swoop it would be better. they also are monitoring tv waves and can actually see into your living rooms while you innocently watch american idol. be careful, they are coming to take you away


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              If they are, who cares? If they are that good, they are going to catch you whether you post on this website or not. They are NOT that good, or if they are, they aren't interested in picking up most illegal aliens, because I live in California and know a ton of illegals and none of them have ever been detetected, or if they have, they're not important enough to deport. Granted, they are a bit more careful than the average person, but not THAT careful. In a conservative little California town where some relatives of mine live, the Sheriff apprehended 5 illegal immigrants (Mexicans) and took them to jail. He called the INS (he was very exited and proud of himself) and they told him that they just didn't have the manpower to send someone up to get the illegals, and that if they had commited no other crimes, he couldn't hold them. Since he was not an agent of Immigration, he was forced to let them go free. Now, if that could happen, do you seriosly think that the FBI and INS are monitoring a website like this?
              Have a nice day


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                Why are you so much concerned about this? Take a deep breath and stop worrying...Have a great day...Pasha


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