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Deportation of Permanent Residents

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    Pseudomonas Aeroginata:

    The laws that you keep talking about are being well followed by Enron and MCI. Do not worry, the immigrants are not going to steal your personal wealth. It will be stolen by the legal system that you defend and by these companies, legally of course.


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      guest, you misunderstood me - I am saying that good, educated, well-off, high-society people won't swallow the bait and come to America...they can figure out that the "American dream" is just a product for consumation.


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        And of course I wanted to say ...consumption...

        NOT ...consummation


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          Pseudomonas, the U.S. has imported lots of wealthy, well-educated, immigrants, and then we treated them as well as high-level immigrants may be treated...your point is not that relevant here...


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            I guess almost all the people here have medical background. Why are you guys obsessed with cancer names? Just wondering....


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              Pseudomonas Aeroginata ,

              Educated and well-off people won't come to the U.S. because they know they will be treated like dogs here. Poor, uneducated, criminal, or lazy people are more likely to become immigrants. And all of them want to come to America, not to Australia or some place else for instance.

              Poor, uneducated, criminal, or lazy people come to the US because they can't afford to go anywhere else, ever heard of somebody walking across the border to Australia or New Zeland? or how about paddling their way there? :-)


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                because the unforgiven hate is almost as bad as an malignant carcinoma (cancer)


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                  fibromyoma - read melanoma's post more closely. Shoplifting is not a minor crime and it negatively reflects on moral turpitude. It also violates the understanding not to be or become impoverished. So, if he didn't shoplift because he was unable to make his purchase (no money=impoverished), he shoplifted because he lacked the moral turpitude to resist some criminal tendency or temptation.

                  **By melanoma..."Many newcomers to this country do not realize that seemingly minor crimes can have very serious immigration consequences."**

                  guest - Enron is under investigation and other corporation heads are already in jail. They are also paying large fines, so your comment makes no sense. You said...**it will be these companies, legally...** What is your point anyway? That shoplifting is okay because corporation heads have stolen money?? You see what happened to them don't you??

                  Pseudomaonas Aeroginosa - "swallow the bait" you say and you are right. America is no paradise for the poor but immigrants don't know that before they come and then - surprise - they get hurt.


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                    The way America treats immigrants is very likely to make these same immigrants inclined to break the law - poverty, lack of opportunities, scapegoating all contribute to immigrants turned into criminals.


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                      Americans in the same circumstances are also inclined to break the law - poverty, lack of opportunities, scapegoating all contribute to Americans turned into criminals as well.

                      Knowing this is precisely why economic reasons do not qualify an immigrant for admission. Americans already pay for millions of the American poor, who are in most cases more educated and more qualified than many immigrants.

                      No immigrant with earnings below poverty level is likely to advance and will likely be a drain on the system eventually.


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                        Well my dear, America has a lot of stupid, uneducated, poor people to feed already...why should it import others? Perhaps because of its stupidity?


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                          Excellent points by the last 3 contributors - why the **ck should we import criminals? We have enough of our own. If LPRs steal, or rob banks or whatever, cancel their GC and deport their a$$.
                          Why should they be given some kind of "break"? Basic crimes are the same worldwide - stealing is stealing. If some LPR thinks it's "OK" to steal, but wants "mercy" when they are caught, well, tough $hit. Bye bye. Go back to whatever country you came from and enjoy your new career in the theft industry. We don't want you here.
                          LPRs who want to become US citizens should toe the line - behave like responsible adults, etc, etc. If not, adios.
                          Sure, citizens steal, etc. But they did not have to maintain a certain level of moral behavior first (generally) - is this fair? Well, who knows? The bottom line -if you are a GC holder, don't **ck up and do something that could get your behind deported.


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                            You are correct in that bad behavior is the key to deportation, and it is as it should be. On the other hand, there are some overstayers in the mix of illegals, and they ought to have the chance to have their scenarios heard. If they never intended to leave or blatantly ignored written requirements, as in a child pouting over/ignoring rules, then they should be deported because of irresponsible intent and unacceptable behavior.


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                              Hey give the immigrants a break. This is one of many reasons why America is the super, richest nation on earth.This is the melting pot of the world, weather you like it or not. Without immigrants, Americans are nothing.


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                                soccio, read this case, it is very similar to yours.


                                Good Luck!


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