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    We have 1 more pic together, but it was taken on his digital camera. I have pictures taken with him and my daughter and also my dad, in different visits to Ireland.

    Side note: Up until April, we were planning on me moving there. My daughter is even enrolled in school for this upcoming term. I will not bore anyone with those details....we do hope to move back in the next couple of years, if at all possible.

    The lawyer idea came from colleagues. With the exceptions of myself, they have all used her services for work and citizenship (a quarter of our employees are foreign born). The cost of her service to insure forms are in order is $150. I will rethink the idea though.

    Thank you!

    ...dwaarf2, hope the picture thing is not an issue either! I have kept only 1 email and we have no letters from the last 2 years. The one thing I do have is the last year and a half of telephone statements, which shows we talk every evening. Fingers crossed that those records will be of good use!!


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      that`s what they want phone bills etc so i was told on the other forum if there is no pics make sure you write letters to each other talking about the future what your plans are etc it all helps IF they require to see them , most have told me they sent tons of stuff and wasnt needed even for the embassy interview make sure you take copies of EVERYTHING to keep for yourself though JUST in case they get lost , my fiancee put each section of items in those little sandwich bags and put a note to the front of each telling them exactly what was in each of them seems to be what they want , YOU to do their job for them basically but believe me it is possible to do all this yourself without paying out for 5 minutes work of a lawyer .


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