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    Ire Blues,

    So, you live in Atlanta? Hey, you're not far from Evans, GA then. Wanna make some money? Know anyone in the mob?...LOL



    You know where I'm going with this...LOL


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      Yeah I know where you're going sweetheart, I know where I'm going too......Straight in your *** with my size 4 foot...LOL, I love you babe )))


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        You know the touch mine, I touch yours.... :P


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          Mmmmmm Wanna play DOCTORS eh??? hehehehehe ok 'nuf said LOL.


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              hey sols you got bigger feet than me can i borrow one for mine ? talk about a pain ick !!!
              i`ll watch the footie i like to watch backsides too lol van damme sure has a nice one of them lmao


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                dwaarf2 :

                Thanks for the website. It is refreshing to realise that I am not alone in this battle to be with my partner!

                I am so glad to have stumbled upon this site, the helpful info and some kind hearted people.


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                  Polaris_x :

                  There is a town in Georgia called Evans?

                  If I do a bit of mob work on the side, it might pay for a few more flights over to Europe. Nothing bloody just is not in my nature.


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                    TO IRE BLUES
                    your very welcome if we can do anything for you just give us a shout even if its for moral support, by the way which way are you and your fiancee ? like polaris x and sols we are us and brit


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                      whoops sorry i missed the ireland bit but as i said anything we can do for you we will ,


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                        Trying to get my partner to have a look at this site. It will be helpful to him as well.

                        How long has the process been for you so far?


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                          we had NOA-1 25th feb at nebraska still awhile to go i guess the last one on record on davehollis is 13th jan


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                            Hi again Polaris_x:

                            I have gotten all the documents filled out and have a question on the G-325 with fiancé's biological data...Does this have to be signed by him?

                            I was going through the pictures I have from my travels there and his here. We only have 3 pictures showing both of us together. Will I need to send them the originals?

                            Now that I am getting all the documentation together, I am laughing at the fact I took pictures of castles, churches, homes and the ocean.....Just never occurred to me that I would need evidence of our time together.

                            I am meeting with an immigration lawyer after I receive my fiancés documentation. A few people at my office have used this particular lawyer and I am hoping it will eliminate any mistakes on my part.

                            Thanks (again) in advance.


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                              Ire Blues,

                              Yes, he has to sign the G-325A. I would suggest getting your hands on Adobe Acrobat (not the reader, but the full program) and typing in all the information, then he could sign that. I only suggest that, because if he's anything like me, they won't be able to read the handwriting. Then again, I may be a rare case, having handwriting so bad...LOL.

                              If you don't have more than three pictures, that "may" pose a problem. Do you have an engagement announcement that was in your local paper? If so, let's hope it has a picture of you two. And send the entire page, so they have the date, newspaper name, and whatnot. Yes, you have to send the originals. Does he have any pictures that he took? If so, have him send those to you along with his G-325A.

                              Yeah, I started doing the same thing, just taking pictures of "Sols", but we got a lot of us together that her family took. Plus we got a really good one of us at Warwick Castle, just before I about cracked my skull open while looking down, and running head on into a wall..LOL. Had to share that with everyone...hehehehe.

                              Good luck with the attorney. I warn you though, one of my friends had been going to an attorny, then that attorney wanted him to break the law. The attorney said to get his fiance here on a "visit", then "meet" and "marry", then have her here while the process went through. He fired the attorney. Just make sure you stay within the law.



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                                FOR IRE BLUES
                                i was told DONT USE A LAWYER for the 129f you pay thousands for something its just as easy to do yourself and nothing gets done any faster there is help on here when you need it and i sure hope the 3 pics together isnt a problem cos thats all we have lmao well maybe a couple more just keep all letters and print off e-mails to keep for them it has been sufficient for lots of people i have talked to .


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