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  • I129F Wait Times

    I live in Atlanta, Georgia and was wondering if anyone knows if the wait times through the Texas Service Centre are actually taking upwards of 6 months to process?

    Anyone had experience with the whole process?

    Thank you.

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    I live in Atlanta, Georgia and was wondering if anyone knows if the wait times through the Texas Service Centre are actually taking upwards of 6 months to process?

    Anyone had experience with the whole process?

    Thank you.


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      Ire Blues,

      Get your I-129F in as quickly as possible. Yes, you are in for a long wait, unless you're filing in Vermont. All other service centers seem to be running at a snail's pace.

      Here's a website. You can sort by 1st NOA, and get a feel for how long it's taking cases to get approved. There's also a column you can sort, which is "Service Center". Good luck.


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        Ire Blues,

        Okay, I just read your other post on another thread. Here's the deal. The "longest" time frame, from what I've experienced, is from the time you send your I-129F to the INS/BCIS. This will take about 5 to 6 months our of Texas (They seem to be smoking the same stuff Nebraska is smoking). After you get your approval, then the visa will be sent to the NVC (National Visa Center), and then on to the consolate in the country where your fiance lives. To England (where my fiance lives), this process takes betwee 4 to 6 weeks, from the date of approval.

        As I said above, you're in for a long haul, which *****, but as my old man said, "Good things in life are never easy." My only advice is, be patient, monitor these pages. Go go that website and sign up there and keep an eye on how the cases are approaching yours. Don't fret, because it WILL happen. If you check daily, it will drive you insane. Check the status and stuff once a week or so.

        Depending on the situation your fiance is in, you may be able to expedite the case. This is rare, and you've got to have a LOT of evidence. It would require you going to a member of Congress, etc. I had a friend do this, but his fiance was lifing in a guerilla occupied part of the PI, and people were dying by the hand of the Muslim extremists there, so they expedited the case. It takes extreme circumstances like that, for you to expedite. So, you may wind up waiting like the rest of us.

        This website has provided VERY VALUABLE insight into things, and there's enough people here that have been, or are going through your situation. Keep the questions coming, and we'll all do the best we can to answer them.

        Good luck. Feel free to ask away.


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          Thanks so much for your reply. My fiance lives in Ireland, so he will be going to Dublin for his side of things. I had a feeling that I had to wait until approval before he had his meeting.

          Here is a question, and it might not be something that applies to you, but does for us. We have both been married and I have my divorce decree..will I need to have him send me his before I take all the documents in to the Atlanta location?

          I will check out the website you mentioned. I do appreciate the information!!

          I have to agree with your fathers statement. I would also add...good things can have a dear price tag as well...Plane fares aside!!

          Thanks again and no doubt I will be back with more questions.


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            Polaris_x....Wow, I just checked out the website you recommended. I wish I lived in the Northeast....grrrrrr. I wonder why on earth the Vermont Service Centre is so much quicker in proccessing times?

            By the way, excellent site that I will be sharing with my boyfriend.


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              I dont understand what you guys say that the Texas Serive center is slow yet when I look at form I751 under the procesing times option of this site, the Texas site is far ahead of every other center. Looks like it depends on the specific form that you file. Not all applications at Texas are slow.


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                Ire Blues,

                You're welcome. As for the divorce decree, yes, you will need copies of that. I didn't send anything except my divorce decree and separation agreement from my prior marriage. Here's a list of what I sent to the INS for the I-129F, and judging by the fact I've been approved, I think it's good enough.

                -- I-129F
                -- G-325a with my biological data
                -- G-325a with my fiance's biological data
                -- My Divorce Decree
                -- My Separation Agreement
                -- A cover letter, stating how much I love her, when/how we met, etc. Basically a summary overview of everything. I also mentioned the contents of packet, itemized.
                -- Original copy of the engagement announcement from the paper...the entire page, showing the date.
                -- Travel documents (copies of tickets, etc.)
                -- NOTARIZED letter from me, saying that I want to marry my fiance.
                -- NOTARIZED letter from my fiance, saying that she wants to marry me.
                -- NOTARIZED letter from family members, saying they want us to get married.
                -- Approximately 20 pictures of my fiance and I together, both in England (Stonehenge and Warwick Castle) and in the U.S. (Trail Ridge Road, Rocky Mountains, etc.)
                -- CDROM with all documents scanned, and in PDF format, along with JPEG files of all pictures, as well as about 100 more.

                So, are you two planning on going the fiance route, or the marriage first, then wait forever route? I hope for both of your sanity, you scratch the wedding in the U.K. and go for one in the States, and subsequently file the I-129F, rather than the I-130.

                FYI, try for calling cards. I use the "121 Western Europe" card, and I get 1,203 minutes for $20. No connection fee.

                Good luck. I hope some of this information has helped.



                I'm 0-3 now. I had Ire Blues pegged for a male. I need to get better at this stuff...LOL



                Yes, Texas may be fast for the I-751 form, but the I-129F takes forever...just like Nebraska. Us waiting to see our future spouses are frustrated, angry, and think that those in charge of these areas should lose their jobs.


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                  Your list was quite thorough. It had not occured to me to save all the documentation on a disk. I will start working on that today.

                  We have decided to wait the lesser amount of time and go the I-129 route. Marrying in Europe are only hallucinations when I am terribly lonely.

                  Thanks again for all your help.


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                    No problem. We're all here to help. Best of luck to you and yours, from me and mine.


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                      TO IRE BLUES
                      polaris x is right you arent alone you also might try they have a real good forum for different service centres, they also have a lot of brits on there too ( me for one lol)
                      polaris x how you doin ? i will get a letter written i promise lol , SOME of us are still waiting lol


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                        Hey there dwaarf2! My hot little number is typing you an email right now. She said she'll be done soon. I sent you a reply to yours as well. Tell the Mountain Man I said, "What's up?" and "GO BRONCOS!!!!" Hey, is he into football? How about Hockey?


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                          i told the mountain man "whats up " and he said " it sure aint him " lol he`s flat on his back again lmao i reckon his last BB fell out , he says he doesnt "do" sports bad for his health (then again so am i lol) havent got a reply yet though i will be logging off in a min van damme is on soon lol


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                            She's almost done, so bear with her...LOL. Ickle is typing as fast as she can.

                            Van Damme? You're joking, right?...HAHAHAHAHAHA. Okay, had to take the piss out there.

                            Hey, it's 80 degrees here, sunny, and I worked on my tan a bit while talking to Ickle Bear...LOL. Tell Mt. Man that Colorado is still better. :P Okay, maybe equal...LOL. Tell him he's GOT to become a Broncos fan. Football bad...hehehehe.

                            Okay, I'm losing my mind, and that little BB of mine just rolled under my desk. Laterzzzzz.


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                              Hey Dwaarf2, How's it going girl? Just typing you up an email lol, or trying to inbetween lmao at you and my future hubby. ewwwww Van Damme? What a meathead LOL. Ok I think you'll be getting enough stick from Polaris on that subject hehehe. Talk to you soon, take care.


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