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  • Bar Waiver?

    I heard some people talk about waiving bar on some aliens. If a 10 year bar is imposed on someone can he get it removed if his only violation is an overstay by 2 years?

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    I heard some people talk about waiving bar on some aliens. If a 10 year bar is imposed on someone can he get it removed if his only violation is an overstay by 2 years?


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      "only two years..." why did you not obey our laws and the regulations that go with the privilege of a tourist visa? Why did you lie to the embassy and INS? What "prevented" you from leaving the US when you were supposed to?
      And no, "only a 2 year" overstay incurs a ten, yes TEN year bar and good riddance too.


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        Hey you dumb a s s, you ain't a immigration judge.


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          Hey American, dumb a s s, did I say it was me?

          Are you that stupid, I know many amerians are stupid, but this many?


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            Is anyone else sick of people like "an american" people who obviously only come here to bash other people, who have immigration issues.

            Maybe someone did overstay 2 years, but do you know the reason why? Maybe they were in a situation that did not fall into the immigration laws of the USA and so their only option was to overstay.

            People like you are what make this board a misery....


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              Hey Bozos...get a clue....we are being invaded by scam artists and visa in the world was someone "prevented" from leaving the US? Were they handcuffed to a wall? In a coma for 2 years? Or working illegally (more likely) and got caught?
              And Jake, you moron, if you were so smart, you would have known the answer to your dimwitted question. Nor do I care if the person was you or not... maybe its your girlfriend - or boyfriend or what or whom ever...bottom line, this person broke our laws.
              And to the other "Un American"...wake up...we have laws to protect this country and if you don't think that people should obey them, perhaps you should rethink where you might wish to live.


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                I can thing of a couple of reasons why someone would overstay...because these was no legal president for their case...

                You are obviously anti immigrant and therefore have no place on this board.


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                  hey dumb a s s, I know you don't like it and don't want foreigners in America, what the f u c k are you going to do about it.

                  And I don't think you are American, you may have born there, but you are a dimwitted unamerican. And dispite you I or someone will come and make it, and be 'American'. You can't do s h i t. Just go j e r k off and sleep.


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                    To the Circus Clowns of RingLing Brothers Circus (Jake and Teird) two dufuses know little if anything about our laws....a person who claims to be a tourist doesn't stay for 2 many countries have you "visited" for two years? Legal precedent (correct spelling, mind you...try using a dictionary for the big words) my rear.
                    And what an intellectual response from Jake, the j a c k off expert. I expected little else from two people whose IQ's combined probably would not be equal to warm water.
                    Why don't you two know-it-alls explain to American citizens why it is "OK" in your myopic view, for people to violate, ignore or break our laws? To the posts again...nowhere did I state I was against LEGAL immigration - I only discussed ILLEGAL immigration...while you are thumbing through the dictionary, look up the different meanings of 'legal' and 'illegal' may help you a lot.


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                      Wow "An American" You certainly do not represent what it is to be american.

                      How about the post's regarding people in same *** relationships? There is not legal precedent for them? Their only options are to try and get other visa's which may be impossible unless they fall into certain catagories..

                      Why don't you take some time out and go back to the books and figure out that not everything in life can fall into "rules"


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                        Thats's same s e x relationships...


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                          to Teird: just because someone wants to find a way to stay does not mean they get to while figuring out a strategy. that is is the books


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                            You missed my point....

                            If a guy comes over and get's wed to an American girl, and overstays his visa ( noting that people come in on visitor visa's and get married, then apply for a waiver)....does that indicate an automatic 10 year bar? No...It's waived because the reason for overstay was validated....

                            So why if a guy comes over and becomes permanently involved with another guy, should that guys overstay not also be waived?

                            Because it's not covered in the "books"....Not everything can be done by the books....


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                              currently our govt and laws do not recognize same *** marriages, and thus, no immigration benefits are available to those in this relationship. But that fact does not give anyone the right to break our laws just because they do not agree with. Jake, who at first denied being the one who has the problem (but turns out, he is) does not have a valid reason for having done so. He was told by INS how long he could stay; he told our embassy somewhere he was going to stay for probably two to four weeks (obviously a lie) and knew that he was breaking the law. Those rules are in the books - and Jake is a grown up...time to face the music. He could have left the US, kept in touch with his significant other, tried some other visa strategy, and if that failed, oh well. Life is not always fair, but, if everyone who disagreed with laws broke them and then did not expect a penalty, well, what kind of world would we be living in?


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