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    Can someone who was a beneficiary to 245(i) but was denied, apply for diversity visa?

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    Can someone who was a beneficiary to 245(i) but was denied, apply for diversity visa?


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      Since you do not "apply for 245(i), but merely use 245(i) as an ajustment tool to facilitate obtaining permanent residence through adjustment of status in the USA, rather than Consular processing, I will assume that your underlying petition or application was denied (not the 245(i) aspect of it. Whether or not your 245(i) benefits are still alive depends . . . in order for 245(i) to be effective, a person needs to have filed "an approvalable petition or application" . . .it will depend upon whether or not the application was approvable, not whether it was approved. However, you said it was "denied", and if that is correct, it was not an approvable petition or application and your 245(i) benefits are dead. That's all you get for free, which should be enough . . . see what competent immigraiton counsel can do for you? Get with the program and respect attorneys and the advice they can give you . . . that goes for the rest of you freeloaders out there . . . .


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        TO INTECON- AND YOUR POINT?????????????


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          The point, other than the one on your dunce head, is that there is a lot of bad immigration information out there on the street, and these email strings where the blind leads the blind,and anyone with half a brain would consult competent, experienced immigration counsel before blowing thier lives, futures and happines on a mistake made by self help in a complex legal arena such as immigration law. I have 24 years experience practicing immigration law and am sorry Ihave even ventured into this foray of idiots on the internet, giving ree advice that receives a comment like "what's the point". That's the point.


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            It all depends on why the case was denied in the first place. People here can only help if we have more information. If you feel privacy is important, you should go consult a lawyer.


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              You claimed you have 24 years experience, but I've seen you make mistakes on some of the threads (e.g. you commented that a non-citizen applying for a K visa is a good idea, while for the case of USCs, it'd be ridiculous and pointless?! Boy! Have you got everything mixed up.. This is a big mix-up.. not someone with immigration law backgound should make)


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                Wait a second... is this a discussion board to support and provide the help people with their concerns??.. or is it for attacking one to another because we do not agree with their advices....

                This board has been very helpful for a lot of people that didn't have a clue about inmigration and I understand we shouldn't waist our time and energy questioning about the experience of someone(...already probed in a lot of cases...)

                Thanks for your continuos support intercon, and guests and every one out there that are trying to share your experience with all of us.

                We could desagree... of course... the idea is put together all our ideas, knowledge and different point of views to light up others, get a final and common point of view and/or trigger some of us minds to look for a more professional advice without going blind...


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