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Yahoo/NYTimes, July 10th

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  • Yahoo/NYTimes, July 10th

    Serial brides charged in immigration scam

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    Serial brides charged in immigration scam


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      Quoting from NY Daily News

      "In 14 Southern New York counties, which include the five boroughs, the BCIS interviewed in the last fiscal year 29,425 immigrants who had applied for permanent residency through marriage or employment.
      Of those, 1,731 applications were found to be fraudulent - 0r 90% of the 1,923 who were called for a second interview.

      10%-15% of all marriages involving a an undocumented bride or groom in NYC are fraudulent according to an Immigration lawyer".

      Also part of the story - One Hispanic woman divorced her husband and payed 6,000 to marry a USC in order to stay in the US and give a better life to her children, she still lives with her ex-husband though. She is waiting for her AOS interview.

      Where do these people get the money to pay for these marriages?

      It took my USC husband and I years to save the money to file my application. It is a legitimate marriage, we've lived together 13 years - married for 4 years.

      OK "guest- deport illegal aliens" off you go.....


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        I hope they deport all the men including these arrested women. Honestly makes me so mad!!! This makes it hard for genuine people like us and it also makes INS think that all of us are up to the same thing!!


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          This ticks me off too!!

          In, the US, you are innocent until proven guilty, EXCEPT when it comes to the INS. Because of a*holes like these, we have to PROVE our marriages are legit! This is not always easy, even in a legit marriage. For example, we sublet, and I just got on the lease as co-signor. The utilities are in the the other lease holders name. Little things like this can raise suspicion with the INS.

          those women will probably get a slap on the wrist and turn right around and do it again. Nice how the article practically gives instructions on how to commit marriage fraud.


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            This jocose, snide, snotty attitude towards others makes me glad I don't live in New York City where my father was born.


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              Portal - Whose attitude?


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                I am not pro-marriage fraud itself. But think about it: why US government spend so much money in putting up so many bars for foreigners who seek freedom/ better life (economically, some polotically, spiritually). Those Americans have forgotten many years ago their grandpa and grandmas were seeking exactly the same thing from life which had led them ended up on this new continent. And now, they are established, they are trying to make the life of other people who are in a less previledged position seek better life through WROK, REALLY many of us just want to come here and work hard and live a freeer life. WE CONTRIBUTE TO THE GDP!!! We pay TAX!!. If we are not allowed to work, why are we alloed to pay tax?? DOUBLE FACED HUH?
                Where is these people's consciounsness? And they label themselves human rights protector!


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                  No wonder people came up with all kinds of "Illegael" ideas to try to get away from the current immigration law. This is a free economy country driven by market. immigrants, one the most important element of economic elements -labor. How can any "FREE ECONOMY" country not to let labor flow to where market needs? DOuble face, double standard! WHy not let market determine everything? Those people who are not suitable to live here would be naturally washed to other parts of the world through the economic chain, just like the way in the animal's world.


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                    Those ones who are facing INS questioning for the logitmicy of your marriage, please do not support this BAD IMMIGRATION LAW. It is only natural people seek freedom, better life. If you can buy food in the market, you can sell your labor to your employer, why can not someone buy a marriage liscence to be able to live here? He/she who does so DOES NOT HURT ANYONE'S INTEREST UNTIL STUPID CONSERVATIVE AMERICANS come up with this STUPID IMMIGRATION LAW!! Remember your real enemy is not those who commiiit marriage fraud. They are the victims. All of us shall stand up and cry for the change of this stupid immigration law. I have lived here and worked here in US for 5 years. My parents are getting old, I would like them to come to US to just see the place where I live and work before it is getting too late (they are getting old and not so strong), the visa officer in my home country consulate had given my parents sooooooo many troubles when they went for the visa interview that it was so humilating that I am certain that my parents would never ever want to have anything to do with this country if it were not for the sole reason - just to see me!! Is this human? is this human rights????? COme on, my parents are old, they have got their lives and friends and families back home, why would they want to come here and stay forever? And even if theye did? so what? What is the crime of it?? Those people who made this law: do you not have parents? Did your gradparents not come to US to see k the same life that we are doing now? I have just got a friend whose father recently passed away and her family did not tell her this news until her father got buried because they were afraid if the daughter knew the news she would have come home for father's funeral and then run into trouble when she tries to reenter US. How many fathers can someone have??? TIME TO CHANGE THIS STUPID LAW!!!


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