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I am determined to become a US citizen for my security

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    I think that it is good that you are more determined to be a better citizen but it should not take a tragity such as 9/11 to realize what we should have doing in the first place.


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      I was living in the states for 1 year. i went to regester so i could get into a compuiter school. so we went to the border and we waited for a few hours and they finally go to me and then they said since i was already in the states for a year i broke some law and now i am never allowed on the states. how come?

      I was searching the net for answers and i came across this site that says that if i live in the states for a certain ammount of years i am pretty close to becoming a citizen. why did they not let me go to the states to live?

      here is the site.


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        You cannot please everyone. Smoothing someones feathers, even your own, would ruffle someone else's. I hate communists, I hate activists, I hate lawbreakers, I hate lazy people who just want to live on welfare. I don't care if you are greedy so long as you work to satisfy your greed your fine in my book. Be real, life can never be fair. Someone who works harder or is smarter will always get ahead of you. To get ahead them be even smarter or work even harder, don't just gripe or complain, get off your *** and do something about it so long as it is legal.

        You want to be a US citizen? Try enlisting in the military. My uncles did so way back then and are now staunch republicans. I plan to do the same if they are willing to accomodate me.

        As with regards to security, I don't think it really matters. There are always places in the world where being a US citizen is safer and not being a US citizen is safer.


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          I do agree with you;the US is quicklly becoming a police state,very much resembling fascist Italy,with run away militarism,propaganda 24/7 and despise for immigrants,or those considered different.If you want to become a Citizen,here is a little help from Uncle Sam;join the Army to fight in Iraq for about $1100 a month and the process to become a full US Citizen will be much shorter;ah,lets not forget,all you have to do is come back alive;just another touching reminder of how far President Bush is willing to go for us immigrants.


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              Altho, I replied already, but I'll do it again, cause it seems as if some people didn't quiet got what I wrote. First off, I know you can't just please everyone, but why please all those people who are breaking laws, or are just illegally in the US? Why not please those, who work hard, and do things in a LEGAL way? I have never even broken any kind of laws ANYWHERE, and it still seems as if I got punished for those, who do break laws, and get around them, and stay in the US illegally. Somehow they are the ones who come out all of this. :\ Anyways, I wish everyone good luck for whatever they wish to pursue as long as it is LEGAL. Bye, :X
              Ability may get you to the top, but it takes character to keep you there.


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                To ILS Moderator, 'what is your point'?


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