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    First of all, we don't even know that 'X' is he or she. Second, i personally did not find him racist or hateful to others, instead whoever s/he is, just expressing his opinion and want govt.(Congress, BCIS, FBI) to know about illegals and others massive legal immigration policy which is hurting this country in so many ways, and he is also concerned that if this massive immigration would not stop them there is no other america for us to go. S/he has the right to care about his/her country regardless what others think about him/her because s/he does care about the laws and rules where this country is based upon, rather than based on emotion what you people showing up against his act.It doesn't matter that if s/he itself was an immigrant in the past or a natural born USC, but what it matters that s/he respects the rules and laws of this country based on what intetion its were made rather than his own/others emotions or views. You might not agree with his/her act, but s/he has the right to raise her/his voice as a concerned USC.


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      The reason everyone sent him/her those messages most likely was because of his attude. Why don't you take a little more time to read things before you come on like him. For example. USC did NOT say,,,X Tell me or show me a way out of this situation I am in. If you read his/her message he/she asks USC why she didn't bring this question up with congress rather then him. NO ONE asked him to say anything at all. I am quite sure USC know already knows the hardship she faces without someone shooting off his/her mouth about things he/she knows nothing about and getting completly off the subject.


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        to- listening,
        I believe everyone is entitled to his/her opinions as much you are, whether others see those opinions as offending, full of attitude, hateful, without morals,or not sympathetic. From beginning, you don't like his/her opinion on this subject matter, that's why now you are giving another color (ATTITUDE) to his/her opinion. We do understand that NO ONE asked him/her to say anything at all, but you should know that when somoone post a thread on this board then it becomes everyone's bussiness, whether they have been asked for their opinion or not. Similarily, no body asked you to make a comment on anything over this thread. I think s/he just wanted to let the persons know that if someone is referring indirectly that the criminals are the one who landed here first and unhappy with the fairness of our laws, then they should bring this matter to Congress where these laws were made rather than getting upset on him/her. As well, i found that USC is justifying the situation of her husband's guilt by giving the reason which nobody can believe or will justify as criminal court also did not buy with it, otherwise they would have show some liency to her husband case by keeping in mind that he would be found deportable if they would have convict him for this crime.
        As a concened USC, 'X' has voiced out his/her opinion on massive legal, illegal,criminal kind of immigration which is hurting to this country in his/her view, and then he went further in expressing that if this kind of immigrations don't stop then America won't be the same what we all dreamed of it, because there is no another America. I also agree with 'X', but it doesn't means that 'X' is hateful, has attitude, racist, anti-immigrant or other names you or other want to give to 'X' just because he has right to tell his/her govt about his voice, that' why s/he has voted for the representatives of our govt. You don't need to agree with him/her, nor s/he cares about your opinion,instead as a concerned citizen of this country, s/he will do whatever in his/her power to raise his/her voice what it seems good for america to him/her rather than what is good for you or other immigrant or what you want to hear. I sympathized with USC's situation, what her husband is entirely responsible for this situation whether others know their situation or not, but you and others can not judge 'X' for his opinion just because you are disagree or see some kind of attitude.


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          I don't understand what you mean by another color (ATTITUDE). Once again read back, this time take a little time to read everything instead of just what you want to read. I never once said others do not have a right to their own opinion. All any of us said is he could have expressedd the same thing using a little tactfullness. I am real sure both of you would really enjoy asking a simple question and have someone come down on you like that. Especially if who ever it was did not know your complete story. #2. How much do you have to read to know if ANYONE is judging someone it is X. That is all he has done from the begging is judge both of them. Not just USC's husband, but her also. If you would bother to read all the messages, you would see that others have opinions also but can express them with tact and still be conciderate to USC. No one is saying that he should be forgiven for what he has done. But like anything else. The damage is done now and they have to work it out in their own way and do not really need the rudeness of someone who does not havehas a clue. Why is it I will bet that both of you have skeletons in your closets some where in your lives.


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            People give their opinions on this board based on their judgements what feel right to them, or the way they want instead of using any tactic or any monopoly what you are suggusting/talking. Not every one is "expert" like you in their tactic/games during their opinion/judgement, nor they care how their opinions will affect someone, because they made their opinion based on what they knew and the way they want, rather than the way others want to hear or to behave them in their opinions. I don't want to continue to explain to you anything even though you did not ask anything to explain that the issue is not about how rude is 'X', or attitude of 'X', or anyother things which you are trying to make each and every time out of him/her, while the truth is 'X' has expressed his/her own opinion in his/her way regardless if it seems to others hateful, racist, anti-immigrant, with attitude, without tactic, or etc... because s/he is entitled to his/her opinion the way s/he wants rather than what you or other want, and if you don't like then that is your problem rather than his/her because s/he can not make everyone happy with his/her opinion. There will always a critics to everyone's opinion in all walk of life.


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              To Maria. Unfortunately I think you are missing the entire point of opinions and how to be polite in expressing them. All have rights to their opinions, but that also includes the right to disagree with others opinions. Unfortunately X was rather harsh and radical toward USC. She asked for some understanding and honest help and suggestions but was attacked and berrated instead. That is so sad and deploreable behavior. I am not saying what happened with her situation is right or good but we can all be considerate of others. Maria please also do me a favor if you wish to be clear in your writing please stop the slashed words as it is very difficult to read and very bad english. Please try to re-read what you wrote before you send it then maybe it would be easier to understand what you are trying to say. This is just a suggestion.


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                TO Sharon. It is not my problem if you or someone cannot read my english or if it seems to them that my english is very bad, because i will be what i am rather than what you or other want me to be. If you or other can not understand how i write or my way of english, then it is yours problem rather than mine, and i am not going change the way i write. Second, as i told earlier that people give their opinion based on how they feel or how they like to give their opinion rather than be polite or other means. I did not see any wrong in the post of 'X' because 'X' has not disrespected anyone being disagree with the reason of crime given by USC because 'X' has expressed true opinion. It might look not polite to you, and you see 'X' opinions as 'attacked', 'berrated', 'hateful', 'attitude', but again its you are the one who feel that way, and even if you or other feel that way, then it doesn't matter to them who give their opinions in their ways whether you like or not. The main issue is here- the situation of USC and the concerned of a citizen towards illegals and massive immigration, instead of whether or not 'X' is hateful, with attitude, not polite, a attacker, berrated USC, did not play tactic, deploreable behaviour, looks sad to you, harsh, radical or anything you want to say including the issue is not how do i write english or whether or not you understand my english. 'x" has expressed the opinion on USC's situation including on massive immigration which is hurting America. You have right to disagree with the fairness of opinions, rather pointing out other irrelevant matters like-hater, not polite, deploreable, attacker, berrated to USC, has attitude or others things.


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                  You make no sense at. How do you expect anyone to understand or know what you are trying to say when you have NO clue what your saying either. You have a gift for making NO sense at all. I am almost willing to bet that X is a "female" going under the name of "marie" now instead of X.


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                    I agree with Maria. I don't think that X was being hateful. He did not make racist remarks. Being for strict immigration policy is not the same as being racist. You are calling people evil for not supporting a man who commited a felony by stealing from others. If you want to talk about morals, then how moral is bank fraud? Nobody said anything against USC, they simply expressed thier opinions that the government was being just by punishing her husband for his actions. Just because USC offers up an excuse for her husbands criminal actions, that doesn't mean that they are justifiable. 99% of people who commit crimes have some sort of excuse for those crimes. If someone stands on the opposite side of an issue, that does not mean that the person is bad. They just see things differently than you. Some people on this board believe that the government has a right to deport USC's husband and others don't. There is nothing more to it than that. These discussion boards are public forums. Nobody has said anything hostile or personally threatened anyone, so there is no problem here. If you are angered by posts that are not in line with your particular way of viewing the world, then you are free to simply ignore them. If you cannot ignore them, then you should consult with an immigration attorney privately about your situation rather than posting it on a public discussion board.


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                      It seems that 'x' and 'maria' are having same views or thoughts in 'sammy' style.

                      But, its not only seems to me, but i am very sure that 'listener' and 'sharon' are the same one person who is using different ids to get public support against 'X' and 'maria'.

                      We all do agree with x, Maria, and common sense on their opinions, and dismissed what was written by listener @ sharon because we did not find any merits in her claims against x and maria. And, we are greatly appreciat best advise or comments given by 'commen sense' here which enlightens the fact and truth in any given situation. CASE CLOSED.


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                        being given a "greed" card made him commit bank fraud!


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                          Maria, it is really unfortunate that you do not care that others may not clearly understand what it is you wish to say. If that is truly how you feel, then why post at all? English is just like any other language; the intent is to convey some message, idea or thought to another. It seems to me that, especially on a board such as this, everyone should make a special effort to use OUR language correctly.


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                            And also maria, I think if you would take a little more time to read the posts and understand them you might not have to try so hard to explain certain things.


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                              And then along comes someone like "it seems" who has even less of a clue about what is being printed on a message board but still shoots off. Thank god most of us know when it is a child responding or someone who has nothing else to do other then sit on the computer all day and night to just play games trying to piss people off rather then use a little common sense
                              Not that it is going to make any diffrence to you at all "it seems" but, Sharon and listening are not the same people.


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                                listening, i took all the time what i can in order to read the entire thread again and again and don't think that i need to waste anymore time in reading it repeatedly, because i do know what is the topic and concern over here, instead you need to read it constant repeatedly and try hard what you have said about all other irrelevant stuffs over here, as well you should also need to learn what is considered a judgment and what is a discussion, including about attitude, tactic, polite, ignorant all others things which has nothing to do if someone is expressing his own views. I am not trying any thing hard to explain anything, instead what i have said that you have right to disagree what others say, but you can not use other games on them just because they have not the same view what you have or the way you want. You are the one who twisted the matter toward irrelevant stuff while the others just gave only their views on the situation of original poster, because the topic is not about how polite, attituder, tactful is someone as you have tried to state each time with different games, while the topic is how others see the original poster's situation in their own views, instead of what you want to accept.


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