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    It is sad that the administration was willing to risk american lives along with civilian lives in Iraq. To date, Bush has not provided an evidence of the WMD. Prior to the war, they have been diligently implying that they had all the evidence to support that Iraq indeed had a WMD. Why can't they show those Intelligence report? How come they have not found WMD?

    Regardless to the matter, I have pure sympathy to those who risk and lost their lives in the war. Many has been young american has been killed and left little children to their mother and now without a father.

    My further dismany is to the media here in the U.S., There are so many heroes but they take advantage of the sitution for the sake of $$ without taking into account the other Americans that risk and lost their lives are also Hero.

    lets take Jessica Lynch as an example. Please excuse the language used. It is indeed quite frustrating why the author was using foul languages.
    > > > This is kinda mean, but it makes you think though what is the meaning
    > a
    > > > hero?
    > > >
    > > >
    > > > Jessica Lynch. Hmm... where to start. For those who have absolutely no
    > > > idea who she is, I'll break it down for you. Jessica Lynch is a
    > > > First Class for the US Army. She was part of the 507th Maintenance
    > Company
    > > > which is based in Fort Bliss, TX. She was deployed to Iraq for
    > > > Iraqi Freedom. A convoy which took a wrong turn in Nasiriya (Iraq) and
    > was
    > > > ambushed by Iraqi soldiers. Jessica Lynch was taken prisoner.
    > to
    > > > reports I've read, an Iraqi citizen went out of his way to give
    > > > the US information to her whereabouts, which ended up being in a
    > hospital.
    > > > A
    > > > team of US Army Rangers, Special Forces, Navy SEALs, Marines, and Air
    > > > Force
    > > > pilots risked their lives for her successful and safe return home.
    > Jessica
    > > > Lynch was beaten pretty severely. Her arm was broken, as was both her
    > > > legs,
    > > > along with a spinal injury. So now she's back home, safe. All is well,
    > > > she's made it thru surgery and will be making a quick recovery. Turn
    > > > the TV, and there she is. America's Hero. A living, breathing,
    > inspiration
    > > > to every female in America.
    > > >
    > > > America's hero has just received a FULL SCHOLARSHIP TO THE COLLEGE OF
    > HER
    > > > CHOOSING, STATE FUNDED!!! The media reports that she is being offered
    > more
    > > > than $8,000,000 in endorsement money. Wow. The radio announced that
    > > > parents are reading thru Hollywood movie scripts. The Lynch family is
    > also
    > > > offered a free, all expense paid vacation in Maui by whatever hotel.
    > What.
    > > > The. ****. Someone please explain to me what magical thing this chic
    > > > to
    > > > deserve all these hand outs?
    > > >
    > > > Lets go over that again. FREE Ride thru College, $8 million in
    > > > endorsements, Hollywood movie, free hawaii vacation.... all for
    > up
    > > > and taking the wrong turn. What kinda shit is that? How can anyone
    > > > justify rewarding someone for screwing up??? Ok ok ok, maybe I'm being
    > > > little bit insensitive. Let me back track a little bit. I totally
    > > > realize
    > > > that she has been through absolute HELL and BACK. Being tortured by
    > Iraqi
    > > > soldiers has got to be the worst feeling of pain imaginable. Being a
    > > > female, it must have been twice as unpleasant, and I wouldn't doubt
    > > > she
    > > > was raped. Yeah, that's gotta suck. There is a very good chance I will
    > > > never ever, in my entire life have to endure
    > > > the pain that she has been put through. I totally commend her and
    > > > she
    > > > truly deserves the Purple Heart that will be given to her, along with
    > the
    > > > praise and gratitude that her comrades and higher ups will give her.
    > That
    > > > being said, this has gone way too far. This chick signed on the same
    > > > dotted
    > > > lines as any other US Armed Forces member, including myself. She knew
    > > > what
    > > > she was signing up for, right?
    > > >
    > > > Or did she?
    > > >
    > > > In an interview with her, she stated the only reason she joined the
    > > > was
    > > > for the Montgomery GI Bill, which was to take her thru school so that
    > she
    > > > could become a teacher. She attempted to evade Iraq as best she could.
    > > > believe her direct quote was "This is not what I signed up for."
    > Everyone
    > > > bask in the glory of America's Newest Hero. Oh are we forgetting that
    > she
    > > > wasn't the only POW? What about all the other POWs that will come
    > > > are
    > > > they going to get a free ride too? Surely if a female POW received
    > > > college for being captured that a Male will as well. Did the soldiers
    > > > Vietnam or desert storm get to pick their free college? Nope. What
    > > > royalties from movies? Vacations?Better people have endured worse
    > > > and received no rewards. What about the thousands of men and women out
    > > > there STILL FIGHTING
    > > > because they didn't **** up and take a wrong turn? What about the
    > > > Rambo-like
    > > > Special Ops person who has single handedly blown up 12 tanks with a
    > > > butterknife and killed 42 elite republican guards using sand? What's
    > > > gonna get? How about we take all that college money, and spend it on
    > care
    > > > packages for deployed troop? Our American Hero has a Montgomery GI
    > > > which will cover most of her college, she'll survive, after all that's
    > the
    > > > reason she signed up for the Army. Just to add insult to ****ing
    > > > it
    > > > was reported on BBC that SHE WAS THE DRIVER. If this is in fact true,
    > > > think she should go to jail for murder. Not following directions is
    gets you and your mates killed.
    Air Force pilot's have gone to jail for not following directions and
    up the wrong target, what makes our New American Hero more special
    they? Most of you will say its not her fault. I should be blaming the
    and not her. Well you're absolutely right, the media is hyping this
    situation up. It becomes her fault the moment she accepts any of these
    outs. She doesn't deserve them. Period. She did her job, whether she
    signed up for that part of her job or not. You don't get handouts for
    what you're supposed to do. She's no HERO. The real HERO'S are the
    still in Iraq fighting. The real hero is the Iraqi citizen who tipped
    the US off as to her whereabouts. Now that's a hero.
    written by Jonathan P. King, USAF SrA~ R.I.P. April 12, 2003
    Author failed to mention how this hero held her ground by covering her
    head under the sheets when her rescuers showed up on scene


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      Forgive me, I understand now that the war on Iraq was a farce.


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        The previous posting was not me!


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